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    Name: Sharkbait In-Game Names: Sharkbait Birth-date: 04/18/2000 Age: 18 What Makes You Want to Join the Support Team?: I want to join the Support Team because I want to help the community in the best way that I can. I remember when I was new to Arma and Altis Life and there were a lot of new things to get used to with such a complex game style and the seemingly endless possibilities that come with the Altis Life mod and roleplay. The most helpful thing for me when I was stuck or needed help was talking to the staff of the server that I was playing on and they would always come up with the best solution. 2,800 hours later, I want to help the people that play on the server with anything that they may need, as well as assisting with server rule enforcement, consequences for breaking rules and general day-to-day tasks. Do You Have Staff Experience From Other Communities?: During my time with Easy's Altis Life (or C8 Gaming) I was a CA for around 8 months. During this time I helped players with their problems in the help rooms, assisted with reports and appeals on the forums and acting as an ambassador or representative of the server staff for the community. When a player had a problem, a CA was usually the first point of contact and I always ensured that I was helpful, friendly and professional when dealing with queries, complaints or situations that a player may have had. How Well Do You Handle Stress?: I feel that I am good with handling stress in even the most major situations. During my time with Easy's Altis Life, I also served as a member of APD Command and this involved dealing with internal affairs, large scale in-game situations and sometimes making major changes to the force. This role carried a lot of responsibility and so it was essential that I remained calm and stress-free all of the time. I feel that I handled stress well during these times. What is Your Availability During a Normal Week?: I live in the UK and so am usually available during afternoon and evening hours here. Why Should We Pick You?: If I were to be accepted to the Support Team, I would be friendly and helpful to everyone that I come into contact with, whether that be in-game, in the help rooms or on the forums. Additionally, I feel that I should be picked because I have experience in staff positions and in other leadership roles such as APD Command. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed?: Yes, and I use Push-To-Talk Do You Use Discord?: Yes and I have it installed currently
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    Should There Be More Ranks in the APS? Hello!! I'm Dusty, I've been thinking a lot recently about some of the new changes on the police side of things and one thing I keep coming back to is the lower amount of ranks the APS has as compared to other departments on other islands and I’d like to propose an addition to the rank structure as well as get some thought about it from the community! So to get to it, i think adding the rank "corporal" or "senior officer"(or h*ck why not both) would be beneficial to both the APS and the server! ! if you want to stop reading here feel free, but bellow I'm going to go be posting a more in-depth reasoning on why I think more ranks would be beneficial! So to dive right into it, people love progression and reassurance that they are doing a good job. An easy and constructive way of doing that is giving someone more responsibility. it both helps the department by keeping patrols more organized and gives the person that got promoted reassurance that they are doing what they need to be doing! In my experience progression keeps people invested and motivated more ranks would definitely help especially given that most the departments higher ranks have almost always been people who have been around a long time and when they get those positions they tend to sit in that position for a very long time, therefore, preventing more people from moving up. at this point, you're probably wondering how does this concern rebel's well I'm glad you asked! we all know who the rebels favorite moving target it is! yep, you guessed it! the police! So believe it's important to try and keep the faction populated! If you agree or disagree I'd love to hear what you have to say! thank you for taking your time to read my suggestion!
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    all we want is just Easys to play on again. I'll just leave it there.
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    @Toast and @Imthatguyhere I'd still disagree with that idea that it died because of that. During recruitment runs for about 2 years straight we would always enter Kavala and find new people in the server ready to join, and that continued up until probably a couple months after the Apex update. I base the decline off of the influx of new people, gang activity, and interest. If you're going to base it off of cops being troll killed too much and gangs and rich people killing off random fresh spawns, the situation is exactly the same in Olympus minus the militarization, and the server isn't dead. I'd actually argue that it's a lot worse in terms of fresh spawns being killed and cops being troll-killed considering there are 0 green zones, even in the PD's, yet the server, or servers, (3 of them) are nearly full in mid-day. Considering your approach right now of no militarization, and trying to keep it to where you don't have to run into these problems of new people coming in and complaining about the server has resulted in your server being dead, I'd say that your understanding right now is flawed and it needs to change. Considering how awful Easys was, or rather how you guys describe it, it did have more people than this server for years. =/ The server starts to die once you start limiting what the player can and cannot do because you'd become too afraid to deal with them again. "no more lock-ons cus they're too OP" "Jets can only have cannons cus too OP" "You gotta send out a full paragraph of initiation cus we don't want trolls" "Can't just engage and attack cops cus thats too trolly!!!" "We need more RP that only cops and staff are asking for!!!" I wonder why did the server die off then? Probably because all of these restrictions alienated the community that Easys had, which was a militarized gang-to-gang fighting community. The final nail in the coffin was s1k just being himself like he had been for years, and then Easys was RIP. However, you still have a template of Easys, but without s1k's shitty management, and the community of Easys that's ready to get back on and play the shit out of a militarized life server, which I may remind you THERE'S NO OTHER MILITARIZED LIFE SERVERS ON ARMA, and instead you tried turning it into a text-book Arma life server like the thousands of others right now, which are empty and dead.
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    Well I'd disagree saying that after Apex it started to decline. I played on Easys since 2014, and gang activity all started to die off after the Apex update was implemented. The decline became worse when lock-ons were removed, and finally when there was just one big gang on the server ruling everything. From what I heard from people who weren't perma-banned, the server became basically Olympus 2.0 since armed vehicles were becoming useless, which is what I've been trying to say, and considering how the server has turned out, I'd say I was right. Of course, though. I'm going to get an essay from ITGH about how I'm wrong and the server died because Arma has nobody on this, not enough people are giving interest that, and more excuses to patter around it when almost everyone left in the forums wants militarization. Honestly though, the server is dead at this point, you have nothing to lose, but a community to gain if you just implement the Easy's militarization.
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    My first day back on this server after like a month and I got some good experiences and here they are. The message I got for no reason I got to say this made me laugh This is a wild toast at airport for his server event The server event was a blast, thanks for the event @Toast This is my first time going to the arms dealer and I got distracted by the dogs..... After this I went to do a money convoy and this is what happened. They rammed me in my ifrit and we were having a staring contest trough the huge window. That's basically my first day back Have a nice day
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    Alright then, I definitely didn't play it. Nope. Never. Somehow I got staff and was online nightly for years, but I never played on the server. I did play it, even when it was abandoned and dying (not that often then though). We don't really want to have items that effect the game that much, but I have some ideas for fun / funny and useful items along those lines. I would say it's more the max that has been squashed and not the grind. Now you would grind to dump a large amount of loadouts into an enemy gang, which allows new gangs to still fight back. With the Crazy armed method, new players are boned unless they gang up (which is huge as to what killed Easy's over time). Scroll up, Toast was pitching that earlier in the thread I believe. Agreed. But adding anything like that is a bit of a slope in a different direction since you need to add weapons and gear to counter them or restrict them hard. I'm sure there were some, but that change also was announced and happened at a really slow rate. So a lot of people just figured it would never happen. Until the rules were reduced (which was done without any input from me), the rules were as they were on the forums with very few exceptions (aside from common clarifications, but they weren't missing from the rules, just adding on when asked). There are definitely some situations that can be handled without bans, but removing all the hats, vehicles and money from a mass RDMer isn't going to do much . Most of the perming and whatnot was done as there just wasn't staff to handle it as it happened, so it was all evidenced reports and repeat offenders or massive infractions. I think there are a fair amount of "old faces" that just don't even play Arma anymore. Some others started their own servers along the way too. It happens.
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    I've been reading this thread as its been added to and I'm going to add some of my thoughts. This is a really important point. Right now there are LOADS of different cool and interesting ways to make money but not a lot to spend it on. The initial grind is always to get a good truck - farming over and over to get a HEMTT Box or a Tempest Device. This is literally how every server works and thats because it works well. The problem is though, what to grind for next. Sure if you're rich then you can buy all the 7.62 loadouts that you want but after that, there's nothing really interesting to save for. I know that @Toast was talking, a while ago, about adding some cool and unusual vehicles into the shops that would be stupidly expensive for rich people to blow their money on. This is great but the problem is, there aren't going to be any rich people if there is no incentive to grind. On Easy's people would grind non-stop for Armed Hellcats or Orcas that they could destroy their rival gang with, but there is nothing of this sort on the server at the moment. If there aren't going to be any permanent armed vehicles (that can be stored in garages) then some things will need to be added that will require a lot of money to buy - that gangs will want and need. Maybe some cool y-items that track enemy players, provide free access to the federal reserve, show police locations on the map. These are just random ideas that I've come up with on the spot (and I'm sure I could come up with a whole list) but some interesting features that aren't available on other servers would make people want to grind to get them. Another idea could be to add armed vehicles into the shops for people to permanently buy (armed prowlers, ifrits, striders, and maybe the armed hellcat too) but there would be a rule that states that you can only initiate on other armed vehicles or trucks (meaning that other gangs and people grinding are the only ones targeted) and the police too. Additionally you could make it so that the armed vehicle would have to initiate via direct chat or voice chat to anyone and as such putting the occupant and the vehicle at immediate risk (making it fair). Additional militarisation could work and it is what people clearly want but only if it is added in a controlled way with restrictive rules as to when armed vehicles, etc, can be used. ^ This is entirely true, a lot of people were annoyed that their armed vehicles that they'd worked so hard to get were instantly rendered almost useless - a waste of time and effort. I think one of the big issues was the opacity of the staff and rules. Most rules were stated on the forums but there were many that people could only know of through word-of-mouth and this led to many people being banned for breaking a rule they didn't know existed. Additionally, in my opinion there were often times when harsh bans were imposed on people unnecessarily when a temporary ban would have been just as effective. The staff team was not at all transparent and this meant that there was quite often confusion over what was allowed and what wasn't. If the staff team is transparent here with bans, rules, changes to the server AND bans and punishments are reasonable and understandable, then I don't see why we should have any issues. Furthermore, there are always other punishments that can be issued for rule breaks other than bans, for example loss of money / gear / vehicles etc. Not immediately, but I do agree we would see a lot of old faces return.
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    You keep arguing your principles, but over the course of this server's uptime, have these principles brought success? No.
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    What do people have to do to change your mind on militarization?
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    I still care about what you think too Joe and i still care about accomidating you in every way i can. Thats why im still responding here and i wont stop. Im down for you to change my mind and everyone else's. I just have to make sure we make something that works properly. The reason no other arma server does it is because these things you want just dont work with RDM rules.
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    You're not getting it. We cared enough, and do so still now, to take players complaints seriously. Thats why those bandaids were put in to try to stop the risk exploits. You only played one tiny part of this game so i dont expect you to understand what caused all those other players to constantly complain before they quit. Most players on servers would give ANYTHING to have their complaints about injustice listened to and acted upon. We cared that much and still do. All you seem to care about is what effects you and how you play. We have to think of everyone, and were not gonna make something that will incur non stop complaints from cops and new players. Were not gonna make a system where cops are picked on with impunity and rebels are banned for having fun. You werent there because you were perm'd. We were. Were not telling you an idea of why. Were telling you exactly why it died because we watched it with a front row seat. The server we have now, there is no way for rebel gangs, or anyone for that matter, to troll everyone no matter how hard they would try, WITHOUT all those stupid bandaid rules above. This means no complaints about it, and happy players who get what they expected when they logged in.
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    IMO the reason easys died was the result of the exact thing you're asking us to put in the server in this thread. What your asking is for us to remove the degree of expectation for a scenario. Namely by adding armed vehicles, but level 5 body armor and long range scopes played just as large of a factor in the death of easys. From the get-go easys operated in a manner where initiators could troll kill people who couldnt kill them back or it was insanely hard to kill them back. To that end we tried to put in rules to combat this like the 100m rule or the 1km rule for air vehicles. The wealthy found ways to pick on the weak and the new. The cops were always seen as free fun kills for most wealthy rebels and they were very successful in making it so they never died or lost in a scenario by the way they would set them up. Keeping cops logging in and trying to RP was hard. What was harder was dealing with all the cops who would daily complain about getting troll killed by rebels. You see, the cops werent complaining about dying, they were complaining about the lack of expectation of a scenario and how the rebels were able to set up so they always won. An unarmed person in a t shirt would tell them to put their hands up and when the cop handcuffed him, he would get shot from 5 different directions on wifi. For the longest time, we would simply gear the cops heavier to even the playing field. That eventually didnt work and after i left, staff started banning or permabanning players who would exploit making a scenario that was a guaranteed win for sport. The bans, from what i hear were under the guise of fail RP or something. A stigma was created where rebels only logged in to kill cops for sport, and the cops stopped logging in. When the cops stopped logging in, new players that liked gang lifestyle didnt stick around long enough to filter into a gang. By november 2017, APD command stopped requiring command and sergeants to log in daily. Within two months, no supervisors were logging in at all and the rebels had no one to fight. Then the server died. It died because the rebels ran the cops off. That is the root cause. All the bans and the lack of updates were symptoms of the root cause. As res said above too, we were under a draconian system under s1k too, who demanded permabans and basically hated everyone. s1k openly condoned the trolling and while he knew the cop force is what kept the server alive, he stopped caring. He was done with arma from what i saw. Players log into a server mostly based on population and the ability to engage with people. Having extra vehicles to purchase is a nominal reason to join. Adding armed vehicles is simply a exploit for the wealthy to take advantage of new players or cops, with minimal or no risk of death. I would rather the server never populate than run a troll server. Myself and the rest of the staff got so tired of hearing those complaints with new players and cops in the help room. We have designed this server so that despite things being easy to acquire, its hard to exploit a win over new people without risk to yourself. If we made what you ask, the server would die like easys did, with the cops no longer logging in and a few controlling admins trying to stave it off. TLDR: Rebels ran the cops off. Cops stopped logging in. Can you blame them?
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    Come comrade, let us liberate the streets in our black skinny jeans.
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    Fascism is the best way I can describe why, s1k primarily made sure everything revolved and ran around him so when his interest became lacking the server suffered and eventually fell apart. ITGH had saved the day more times then I can count within my 3 years having had been on EAL, he's the main reason that server remained successful for as long as it did. ITGH, Toast and I had all sunk in well over 2000+ hours of game time into it as well, so to say we've never played is extremely far from the truth.
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    High risk high reward. Anyways. Glad you liked it @Sparky theres more coming and we plan to do another server nite for everyone soon. Be sure to be on the discord if you arent already.
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    I don't agree with it, because this is still with a mindset of wanting to keep the server with the heavy RP system. The template I'd propose is Heavy militarization - Rules are simple "Hands up or Die or be attacked by x, y z," Keep prices for vehicles high but not ridiculously high, i.e. The best run will yield ~$3,000,000. Doing 2-3 runs will allow you to buy an armed vehicle, i.e. HMG, or an Armed Hellcat. Greenzone rebel bases (If not already in) Air drops, convoys, and other alternative ways to gain money that are redzones (If not already in) Heavily militarized APD for counter balance to rebels. Gang Hideouts x4 (If not already in) and Server-Event Gang Bases that can be besieged and any other ideas that would encourage gang-activity and gang-on-gang wars. (Edit) If you'd like to know why IMO this is your best route to take, then I'll explain
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    As stated above, seeding players is the only way to become populated successfully. There are exceptions to the rule with servers like no-pixel or taki-life that did things that were way way different from the norm and garnered attention by word of mouth thru the RP community. Sure, the idea of successfully seeding now is kinda far fetched, and its not because of the surplus of servers IMO but a combination of the fact that the peak arma population logins have been cut in half from a year ago. You can see here- https://steamcharts.com/app/107410 peak population was just under 50k per day and now its 26k. Combine that with the only players that play altis life or project life are players that have been doing it for 2+ years and only log in once or twice a week. A year ago, there was a surplus of players that played daily and dragged their 10 man gang along with them to check out every single server that had 10 or more players on it. Pickins are slim now and the relics play it safe and log in to one of the small handful of servers they can guranteed get some good kills / RP/ footage for their montage. What can we do? I dont know that there is anything we can do. We could go full militarization exactly the way you want and based on the principles data i speak of above, wont change our failure to populate or seed. Is it worth the gamble... maybe, but the people requesting it are burned out and their gangs are diminished too.
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    WDYM go afk on there with Badger
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    Hello and welcome everyone. This community is the home of a new Altis Life server with many custom features and an amazing and professional staff. We are currently around 10 days away from any detail announcements for the server, so check back as there’s plenty of information to come. If you came here from C8 Gaming / Easy’s Altis Life, welcome back friends. What happened to C8, you ask? s1k` and a fair amount of community members, including the staff, have had different opinions on the server and how to handle it for a while. As you may know, he disappeared a few months back and any information on development stopped. He recently came back and started closing everything down, thus forcing us to drop this message and get you all over here before the server is up to our standards for you to try out. s1k` previously made it abundantly clear that he did not want to pass the torch or let me handle the new recode to keep things running. With that and this message, C8 is dead. All assets of mine have been wiped and nothing from Easy’s or C8 will be used on the server here. I appreciate all of the work s1k` did within that community and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Now, onto this community. The intention of this new server is to be a more balanced Altis Life Roleplay experience with all the love and features put in that you guys all deserve while playing. I am heading up the development team with @Resonance and @Toast helping it all as well. Staff wise, a few people have already been helping us get everything setup. I’m happy to announce that @Duckhunter and @Devil will be leading the Altis Police Services and @Badger and @Wumpus will be controlling the Altis Emergency Services. As you can tell, there is still some work to be done. On behalf of the staff here, I’m happy to say, Welcome to Territory Gaming! Please stay tuned for updates in the next 10 days, we’re sure you’ll like what you’ll see. If you haven’t already, please go to your settings and turn on “Send me news and information” to sign up for our newsletter. Server release information will be sent via that Newsletter so you can stay instantly up to date.
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    Name: Barnavus In-Game Names: Barnavus / Otterman Birth-date: 05/04/1994 Age: 24 What Makes You Want to Join the Support Team?: I want to Join the Support Team because I believe I have a lot to offer in my past experiences as a Community Ambassador and Moderator. I love helping people out it's just in my nature and I have always found it rewarding after helping people resolve their issues. I prefer to resolve issues at the lowest level while still being fair to both parties, I also want to have an active role as this community grows! Do You Have Staff Experience From Other Communities?: I was a Community Ambassador and Moderator on C8 Gaming for about 2 years, I was also an Admin on Darkrp and TTT servers with Fade2Black Clan for a few years before I decided to try something new. I had the same role in both experiences which would be interacting with the community and trying to improve the gameplay on the server for the players. I enjoy helping people it's in my nature and my past experience with the other staff has always been great! How Well Do You Handle Stress?: I have learned to handle stress really well, I currently work for the Canadian Forces and have spent more days away doing projects on deployment and training than actually being home which is hard after a while. I was also in a EMS command staff position for well over a year on C8 Gaming which had its challenges but I felt they were all fun and I believe myself and the other older members did a really good job with what we had to bring the EMS up. What is Your Availability During a Normal Week?: With my new roles coming up I will have more stable hours but I will be working until 4 most days except weekends which will be free. Also, anyone that knows me knows that I have stuff pop up and then I'm gone for months at a time. I'm hoping this is something you guys can accept and I do always come back. Why Should We Pick You?: I will always be as active as possible and I will do my best to help out the community as much as possible and as stated above if or I should say when I do happen to be given a tasking I will inform you as soon as possible and not just disappear. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed?: Yes, and I use Push-To-Talk Do You Use Discord?: Yes and I have it installed currently
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