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    Will there possibly be a return of the press group? Would be neat if it was thought of more as a War Photographer type role, or when news outlets occasionally venture into activate fire zones to get footage, etc.
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    Name: Polar In-Game Names: Polar Birth-date: 10/16/2002 Age: 16 What Makes You Want to Join the Support Team?: I want to join the Support Team to help new players that come to the server, answer questions, and just generally help the server more than i possibly can right now. Do You Have Staff Experience From Other Communities?: No. How Well Do You Handle Stress?: I handle stress pretty well, other than running a few gangs on Arma 3 Life Servers i have to deal with stressful things IRL all the time. What is Your Availability During a Normal Week?: I am usually on everyday during the week for at least 1-2 hours. During the weekend i'm usually on also unless i'm with family/friends etc. Why Should We Pick You?: I've been apart of this community since Jan 2017, i'm trustworthy, and i'm also pretty active. Also, i'm very neutral when it comes to situations. I have experience with both sides of Altis Life (Rebel/Cop) so i understand both sides and will never favor one over the other. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed?: Yes, and I use Push-To-Talk Do You Use Discord?: Yes and I have it installed currently
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    Hello to all at Territory... Some of you may know me, most likely will not... I am an old-time Easy's player, predominantly played as a cop.. known to have an affinity for Helis, jets, aircaft of all types! Looking forward to playing with yall.. and always remember, check that 6..
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    Good morning everyone. As you have all been able to tell from recent weeks, the current server we have up is not populated due to lack of interest. We have been heavily discussing our plans for the future and after some deliberation have decided to remake the server from scratch fulfilling all the requests for playstyle that have been requested. Namely, we will be making a new server that adds all of the armed vehicles into the game. Everything that does not have treads, from jets to the 6 wheeled vehicles will be available to buy and use. Secondly, we will be adding all the restricted items from the previous server. There will no longer be a item distinction between civ and rebel, and will have a much different scenario setting that the civilian one we have done previously. This server will be kavala based like olden times and the majority of non-lethal activity will take place there. The new scenario is that instead of a civilian police force trying to fight armed rebels, The whitelisted faction on the island is the native peacekeeping army that is run by the government of the island and are more heavily geared in similar fashon to NATO peacekeeping soldiers. These peacekeeping soldiers, the Altis National Guard, have a military rank structure along with an air force and a special forces division. On the ground they will work on keeping the peace in the one city they have full control of (Kavala), and outside of that city will fight the rebels hard for control of the island. New military style uniform skins are being worked on for the whitelisted faction. There will be no restrictions regarding initiation with armed vehicles and no distance limit. However, there will be a small city limits circle around kavala and within this circle no armed vehicles from any faction will be permitted. The majority of legal farming runs on the island will be removed and more illegal activities will be added. We plan to have AI convoys, patrols, and encampments taking turns running at all times as the main source and way to earn money outside of illegal farming or robbing stores. Many of these AI missions will include armed vehicles. New rebel bases will be moved and built along with entirely new physical map assets more designed for combat that are closer to kavala and continue with our principle of not needing to fly just to get anywhere. New gang hideouts will also be built and there will be a pack of dogs to chase boop around. The last server we made, we rushed in about three and a half weeks. This time we would like to get everything done before we release to the public and plan for a release just before spring break. We have a test server up that staff / bug testers will be on troubleshooting during this intermediary period and we will post our progress and continue to ask for community feedback. In fact, your feedback, questions, opinions, and criticism is welcome on this thread and the discord, as well as in PM's to us. DuckHunter is no longer the Chief of Police. What was the chief is now the General of the Army and the assistant is the Colonel. Dusty is the new General of the Army, and Sharkbait is the Colonel. A new roster has been created and new protocols are being churned out by Captains Burrito, Jordan Jay, Nate Gomez, and Lieutenant Cousins. There are several new additional Ranks within this army and they are working on some finer details. No currently whitelisted officers will lose their whitelist going into this new server. Badger is looking into possibly changing the name of the EMS to the Red Cross or Coast Guard due to the scenario and will likely get some feedback from interested parties there. We really hope to make something here that is different and unique that you guys will enjoy and we can all have some fun on. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dIforrx-gEGpejGMW1FUkXpt0zJYDJ11gpt9b5T5o38/edit#gid=2060116594 The Altis National Guard will have tan marked patrol vehicles along with a green and tan soldier uniform. The following is an early iteration.
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    I know what I'll be playing from now on :P but for real please no mass tanks / AA tanks and God please no fighter jet AA
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    I may be biased, but I think it'd be fun.
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    We haven't thought of that yet but now that you mention it I would like something like that to go in as well and I'm sure ITGH can do something like that.
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    Make sure there's body looting.
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