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  1. Imthatguyhere


    Would I give someone else s1k's mission in order to run? No. Feel free to contact him to ask for that.
  2. Imthatguyhere


    Not even s1k had the files. He obfuscated the mission then lost a disk and had no backups and so everything is stuck on that one version with Christmas logos. It's also and not something I would do.
  3. Imthatguyhere


    Having an RP focus is far from strict RP. If you go and play one of the strict RP servers (plenty of players here have played them over the years through A3L and PL). If you are honestly saying nobody has asked for more RP when Easy's existed, you would be dead wrong there. Maybe not the large gangs and group players, but the majority of players otherwise did, or complained and left as I mentioned in this thread already. As for the "community", you keep acting like this was us taking down C8 and converting it into this. It isn't. There is no "bring back militarization", there never was any. There is no "we would play again if you had...", there never was an active playerbase. You want a different server completely. We will be making changes (look out for am announcement at some point in the coming weeks) that will likely be more friendly to what you guys enjoy, but that will never be as you describe. The server you want is basically a wasteland server, and that's not the server I would enjoy running or coding for. Edit: Please note, I'm referring to the description Joe has given, not the collective complaints and suggestions of everyone. Plenty of stuff is being added, as mentioned, there's a tracker as well for changes being made. If you want to see something unique, feel free to suggest some stuff as well. Pretty much everything going in, from the last patch onward, is custom.
  4. Imthatguyhere


    2. "Wow this vehicle I mainly flew around to show off is now only to show off, a year after the change was announced to". That's more the reality of it. 3. Jets were always near useless for most players. Not much of a RP reason for bombs either. People bought jets to show off, and in the beginning, they donated to get cash, then spent 10m on a jet and crash it, then complain. 4. I'm not sure where you got that idea, but that message worked for most initiations or some variation of it (ex: leave or die, stop or die, land or die, etc). We required you told them it was a lethal engagement and had a few notes about reasonable requests, but that was it. 5. The server was never intended for you to randomly attack players of any faction, just like all RP servers. In events, the cops were ready to fight or die. On the streets because you sped in a truck and they turned on sirens? Not so much. 6. There's a massive gap between a RP server and a hardcore RP server. I don't remember banning anyone for having a single name here, or a numeric name. This isn't a hardcore RP community. Not really, way back when I started and farmed gold. Coby was a random who I offered gold to for a lift when I got stuck. Lots of interactions of first players were not as you describe. Even more were and even more never played again. I don't know what you are getting at here, but I did play, and have posted the BM shot to show I did up until 4 months ago. That's data you can go check yourself if you care that much.
  5. Imthatguyhere


    Easy's had a lot of flaws, that didn't make it so it wasn't fun for some though. This server is unpopulated because it's not populated, that's the extent of it. There are some absolutely horrible servers that managed to stay around for a while due to just having 20+ players on. 1. No, it didn't. If that was the case, then it would have gained more traction when s1k made economy changes that made everything way easier down the line, and lost a large group when the changes you mentioned happened. Neither of those happened. 2. "How about every engagement doesn't just happen from miles away?" 3. "Wow, the fucking fed is bombed again, great". "Was that another GBU in Kavala?". 4. I really don't see your point there, we only required that you actually intimate and were obvious that it was a lethal threat. 5. My god, roleplaying on a roleplay server? 6. If "only the staff and cops" wanted RP, there wouldn't be a life community for Arma. More like the literal tens of thousands of players that left or never played more than once because they got destroyed or found no RP. There have been hundreds of servers exactly like you described and I can think of a few recent as well, all dead or never populated. Easy's was not unique, it was extremely common, but had a fun community and active players without a whole lot of drama.
  6. Imthatguyhere


    There was a point where we had 2 servers up to deal with being full and overflow when Easy's was at it's best. That best was mostly fueled by new players. Gangs were getting banned from other servers and hopping over, which meant large groups willing to fight back. It also meant all the cops were in Striders or Hunters 24/7 as you'd die instantly otherwise. Players would complain to the staff whenever they got tased (especially at gas station robberies). New players would get their kidneys stolen or die unless they ganged up or never went to the major cities. I don't think any specific update was directly what killed that server. It was the slow slide and pissing people off that did it, with less new players around to fill in the gaps even when large gangs were online. With a Christmas update being the last one and it being like that for a year, with bugs and annoyances that literally couldn't be fixed and an economy and gang structure that fucked over new players to the point where they often didn't stay, it died out. See above. There are countless people who would be banned from here many times over if the staff here acted as it was there. I think that's a clear enough indication that the who banned who doesn't mean there are hard feelings. If you have me on steam, you'll notice that I'm rarely ever online (always appearing offline). I was playing on the server right up until I started getting all this together full time (when I was told there was no way I could take over and s1k wanted it to die). I really don't often play under my own username, as plenty of people have noticed while playing there and here. People tend to act differently in front of staff, so I've always adopted using an accent and a random name. Here's a snip from Battlemetrics showing I was online at that time: You just explained games. You need goals to enjoy something long-term, we understand that. That's the reason we'll keep adding stuff to fill in those gaps. I wouldn't put all of the Blame on one person. It was run harsh IMO because of that top down issue, but also because we got evidenced reports and repeat offenders. Staff wasn't on the server enough to catch things as they happen and mitigate bans, so it went the evidenced way. When a report is backed up like that, the punishment tends to be more severe and also the anger from both sides is more intense.
  7. Imthatguyhere


    Alright then, I definitely didn't play it. Nope. Never. Somehow I got staff and was online nightly for years, but I never played on the server. I did play it, even when it was abandoned and dying (not that often then though). We don't really want to have items that effect the game that much, but I have some ideas for fun / funny and useful items along those lines. I would say it's more the max that has been squashed and not the grind. Now you would grind to dump a large amount of loadouts into an enemy gang, which allows new gangs to still fight back. With the Crazy armed method, new players are boned unless they gang up (which is huge as to what killed Easy's over time). Scroll up, Toast was pitching that earlier in the thread I believe. Agreed. But adding anything like that is a bit of a slope in a different direction since you need to add weapons and gear to counter them or restrict them hard. I'm sure there were some, but that change also was announced and happened at a really slow rate. So a lot of people just figured it would never happen. Until the rules were reduced (which was done without any input from me), the rules were as they were on the forums with very few exceptions (aside from common clarifications, but they weren't missing from the rules, just adding on when asked). There are definitely some situations that can be handled without bans, but removing all the hats, vehicles and money from a mass RDMer isn't going to do much . Most of the perming and whatnot was done as there just wasn't staff to handle it as it happened, so it was all evidenced reports and repeat offenders or massive infractions. I think there are a fair amount of "old faces" that just don't even play Arma anymore. Some others started their own servers along the way too. It happens.
  8. Imthatguyhere


    That is absolutely not why Easy's died. That didn't help for sure though. There was plenty wrong with it, so no.
  9. Imthatguyhere


    Agreed. Currently: Bank Convoy (recently extended with a new ending) Robbing Liquor Stores Sunken Ship Treasure Hunting Gang Hideout Capture and Holding (Payments to the gang bank for holding the hideout) The next patch will have Airdrops to add to that list. Toast's response covers most of it. My summary would be that many of the people who transferred from past communities aren't those who would enjoy the gameplay here and those that would aren't here and won't find the server until we have more population. In my experience, you don't get any real number of "randoms" until you hit around 15-20 players. The more features and better rounded we get, the more applicable we are to more players and the more enticing the server is. That makes it easier to pull players as they discover the server, but that's a slow process, and without players, most of them wouldn't stick around.
  10. Imthatguyhere


    There's definitely some hard balance that would have to be done to include those vehicles without accelerating all combat to a much higher level. Not only is there no point in the extra zeros, but Arma doesn't love working with huge numbers and they can be inaccurate. So you actually have slightly less money than displayed if the economy is too inflated sometimes. We average 2-4 changes daily. The public tracker allows you to see what's coming in the next patch and what the progress is: https://trello.com/b/4xMQQIBZ/server-development-public If we get some steady players, there will be events. I'm not even sure if I did at this point. I'll work on a programmatic way of doing it, and I've added that to the tracker as well. The focus has been on the most requested things, which have been events and activities. So that's what is being worked on.
  11. Imthatguyhere

    Easys Altis Life Gang

    Since the only thing else you've said is "the circle of Easy's repeats". I'm not so sure that's true. Every other post seems to be about how everyone dislikes that we aren't like Easy's.
  12. Imthatguyhere

    Server Play Night

    Whatever floats your boat I guess. I've always preferred women over tanks.
  13. Imthatguyhere

    Huge Patch - 24/10/2018

    I'm not sure what you mean by "when the script is already done". Except for strip searching and the integrated Altis Life changes, this was all custom.
  14. Happy Halloween everyone! Here's a few changes to the server to celebrate: The "Candy Man" is in Pyrgos Central, check out his wares! Some Spook-tacular images have been added to Pyrgos Central. Assorted themed changes to text. Exclusive Pumpkin Vehicle Skins for the Offroad, SUV, Hatchback, and Hatchback Sport. Spooky intro music.
  15. Imthatguyhere

    Huge Patch - 24/10/2018

    For the gang hideouts? 5-10k depending on the active players online.