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  1. Wyatt

    Server Relaunch Update (IMPORTANT TO READ)

    This was expected, not to spit on your whole idea on redoing everything, but if you guys kept the Easys format and fixed all the bugs I feel like that would've worked a lot better. There were probably reasons on why you guys didn't do that.
  2. Wyatt

    Halloween - 30/10/2018

    Quick question, have you guys been advertising the server? Like on websites and such? I feel like it would help a lot
  3. Wyatt

    Easys Altis Life Gang

    I miss Easys
  4. I'll assume for now that it was the staff lmao.
  5. I'd like to know what happened. Why did it die so quickly and how? Was it the lack of feedback? Lack of fixing things? Genuinely wondering.
  6. Some of the best times I've had on Easys, sad to see it go but we're onto something new.
  7. Wyatt

    Hi I'm Wyatt

    I've been playing on Easys since my freshmen year of high school and now I'm a senior, which is really surprising how quick it went. My friend and I, HispanicMenace, have been playing there for a long time and we're super excited to be playing with the same people just on Territory. It's going to be extremely fun.
  8. Wyatt

    Welcome to Territory Gaming!

    Why isnt it possible?
  9. Wyatt

    Welcome to Territory Gaming!

    Oh yeah! Before I forget I was wondering, can we expect a Tanoa Altis Life map? That would awesome.
  10. Wyatt

    Welcome to Territory Gaming!

    Oh ok, I guess Ill still refer to it as Easy's, doesn't feel the same calling it Territory. No biggie. Sorry for asking.
  11. Wyatt

    Welcome to Territory Gaming!

    Why's that
  12. Wyatt

    Welcome to Territory Gaming!

    Can I still call this Easy's?