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  1. Genesis


    truth right here
  2. Genesis


    That is called altis life, anyone that started the server had to deal with this. Its even worse on popular servers. I would still be able to see you once I joined the server it would say friends on the server and it would show you even if you where offline.
  3. Genesis


    That is definetly true but what about staff that remain on this server that participated in the fascism as well? So many perms for staff disrespect and trolling and that sort of stuff from staff that are staff on this server as well. Care to elaborate on this one because I have had ITGH on steam for probably a year and a half now and never saw him log on especially when the server was dying. I know he was semi active and updated the forums but I dont remember him on the actual server. The truth to Altis life servers and Arma servers in general is there needs to be something to work for. Olympus doesn't have armed vehicles but people make money and play to fight cartels and that sort of stuff. Easy's had armed vehicles, and once they got nerfed, people lost interest and no one ever used them.
  4. Genesis


    then why did easys die? coming from someone that probably didnt even log on within a year and a half of the server dying.
  5. Genesis


    says the people who didn't even play it. The server was still full all the time until the patch that removed missiles and changed prices of all the vehicles. You guys should look at easys, the coding of the server was straight dogshit, even with a good computer FPS was dogshit, rules were dogshit, staff was dogshit, yet it still was able to have a community. The reason why is because the server was fun. Base your server off of that not some weird idea of a server you guys have like damn, fix the map remove all the unnecessary stuff, move the main town back to Kavala, add some armed vehicles, give people something to work for. The point here is listen to the people that have played a lot of altis life, you guys are making a server you want to play on and clearly no one else wants to lmao.
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    because it doesn't exist
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  8. Genesis

    Huge Patch - 24/10/2018

    idea: new gang hideout here flag pole location
  9. Genesis

    Development Status and Updates.

    hopefully before s1k releases the recode
  10. make it so runs give you less money the server is too easy
  11. Genesis

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    I mean you could ask some people in teamspeak about it, or just look at the average amount of players on. Both prove my point right. IMO my post did a good job expressing the feelings of people that play Non-whitelisted positions and their concerns for the server.
  12. Genesis

    XCON | Recruitment Thread

    comp request DENIED.