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  1. In-Game Name: Bear Mackandola Age: 16 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198207387913 Do I have a microphone?: Yes How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?: I have been a member since late august. I was active for about a week or so then I quit along with most of the population. I have only recently come back (past 72 hours) Have I played as a cop on another server?: I was chief of police for a little while on Eddies Altis Life, other than that I have no police experience. Why do I want to join the APS?: I want to join APS to combine my passion for role play (Which is satisfied usually by an EMS position) and my love for being a bad-ass and getting into some fun gunfights. I also want to foster a fun environment where everyone enjoys the game. Additional information: I have played as Revo (easys)
  2. In-Game Name: [BoS] Revo Age: 16 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198207387913 How long have I played on this server?: I have been playing on the server since it launched. I have been plating altis life for the better part of two years and have amassed 1k hours on RP. I was playing on easys until S1K went MIA. Have I applied for any other white-listed positions on this server?: I have not applied to any other White-Listed Positions. Do I have a microphone?: Yes Have I ever been intentionally kicked/banned from a server?: I have not been intentionally been kicked or banned for any reason. Have I played in a white-listed position on another server?: I was a medic on A3LRP for around 6 months in totality. I rose to the third rank of medic, I cant remember what it was but it was nothing to be extremely proud of. Additional Comments: I just want to say thank you for getting this server up and running. I was really disappointed when easy dies but now I can come to a better server with all the other OG guys from easy. Thank You !