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  1. Nikradical

    New to Streaming :D

    I wish you luck! What games are you planning on streaming? RP content on the server, or other servers? I'd love to hop into one of your streams when you're live. You don't have any archived videos, so I couldn't see you in action. I don't know if it was a purposeful decision, or if you just haven't set it up yet. Either way, I'm happy to lend a helping hand for your stream to get you going. It looks like you've got the basics so far. Happy streaming!
  2. Nikradical

    AES Application: Nikrad - 22 - DENIED

    Awesome! I'm heading to a pumpkin patch today with my family, but I'll cross my fingers. If it doesn't work out, I'll at the very least be in the interview room next Saturday.
  3. Nikradical

    BlackRock Enterprises

    Greetings! My name is Nikrad (Nik), and my friend's name is Madfax. We've recently traveled to Altis, and today marks the first day of our business, "BlackRock Enterprises"! Our goal is to transport goods from point A to point B for you. Afraid to leave your valuables unattended? Hire us and we'll make sure your cargo is protected. At the moment, it's just the two of us, but there's so much potential in working with us. Our company vehicles are black, resembling our company name and discretion, All employees are required to wear the company attire while working. Payment for services is transferred through the banking app on your phone and our workers will not accept cash, favor, or goods in exchange for services. This is to protect our workers against thieves, swindlers, and various other criminals. Madfax has remarkable experience with defending convoys and protecting associates in his time as a member of the force awhile back. My skills are with maintaining safety and efficiency in transporting. I spent time as an emergency first responder while Madfax was on the force. I can also pilot helicopters for those long-distance destinations. Together, we make a great team, working to satisfy your expectations and surpass them through bravery and loyalty. As for cargo content, we currently transport goods for great prices. While in our hands you won't worry about delays in arrival as well as those pesky "health inspections". So, make sure to hire us if you'd like to sit back, relax, and have someone else drive for a change. Routes are agreed upon prior to hiring to insure you are fully aware while the wheels are moving. Our trucks are also brand new and with working air conditioning for the transport of perishables. Think of us as the first "Big Rig" company in Altis. We supply the transport, we drive/pilot the transport, while you make the money needed to keep dinner on the table. Prices for services vary, depending on factors including but not limited to the threat level our drivers are put in, the distance of travel between point A to point B, the mode of transportation, desired speed of the transport, and cargo weight,. If our drivers are arrested because of a customer's actions or hidden intent during checkpoints or if they are injured on the job, we reserve the right to present a claim for compensation. Occasionally, we may be willing to drive as private chauffeurs, but for now, we want you to know that "You can trust your stock in BlackRock." If you are looking to be hired for a position, you must be able to complete a background check, obtain a Driver's License, Truck License, and/or Pilot's License (if qualified to safely pilot an aircraft). Potential employees are also required to pass a safety questionnaire. This is to make sure hirees know what they may be up against. Questions include topics such as Customer service etiquette, emergency procedures, basic first aid, and navigation. ((Out of Character, I'd like to mention that we played on Easy's, and have just moved over. I can speak for both of us when I say we're super excited to dip our feet into RP. Most of the above is just a fancy way of saying we wanna work with shipping your stuff, whether it be hunting meat you gathered, or coke you "stole" from your neighbor. Of course, we can't officially say we'd be willing to transport a truck full of illegal drug for you. That would be illegal . Unofficially, we value your In-Character trust and will charge a fee of $1,000 for the transport of cargo deemed illegal. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord, my name is Nikradical ^-^ just make sure you let me know you're from TG so I can be prepared how to respond In-Character lol))
  4. Nikradical

    AES Application: Nikrad - 22 - DENIED

    In-Game Name: Nikrad Age: 22 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198288329905 How long have I played on this server?: Specifically on this server, only for a short time. On Easy's Altis Life, I've spent a couple hundred hours. I have a few videos posted of some of my time as a whitelisted EMS/EMT on Easy's Altis Life RP. Have I applied for any other white-listed positions on this server?: Just this one. Do I have a microphone?: Yes Have I ever been intentionally kicked/banned from a server?: I've never been banned or kicked from a server. There's way too much immaturity in the community already. Have I played in a white-listed position on another server?: I was known as EMS-09 Nikole on Easy's Altis life last year. I was 'on-duty' for about 6 or so months before I was forced to stop playing Arma for IRL reasons and was demoted from inactivity. Additional Comments: I really enjoyed my time as an EMS/EMT on Easy's, and as sad as it is that things have changed, I'm really excited for the fresh start, and I'd love to contribute to the RP community once again. I joined the Discord as "Nikradical", and am happy to provide links to videos I made in the past during my time as EMS.