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  1. My first day back on this server after like a month and I got some good experiences and here they are. The message I got for no reason I got to say this made me laugh This is a wild toast at airport for his server event The server event was a blast, thanks for the event @Toast This is my first time going to the arms dealer and I got distracted by the dogs..... After this I went to do a money convoy and this is what happened. They rammed me in my ifrit and we were having a staring contest trough the huge window. That's basically my first day back Have a nice day
  2. In-Game Name: Spark Age: 16 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198228284804 Do I have a microphone?: Yes How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?: I played when the servers first started and the I stopped playing it. Then I started playing it today again. Have I played as a cop on another server?: Yes I have been a cop on easys and a server called nitrogaming. Why do I want to join the APS?: I want to join the APS because I don't want to play on rebel again as I am burned out on it. I also have some freinds on the APS and I would like to play with them. I would also like to role play with whoever gets on the server and hopefully make it so they stay on the server. Overall I want to join it because I know its gonna be a fun experience full of great moments Additional information: #TeRrItOrY gAmInG wIiL GeT PoPuLaTeD