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  1. Patrick Williams

    AES Application: Patrick Williams - 16 - Denied

    In-Game Name: Patrick Williams Age: 16 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198073791814 How long have I played on this server?: I've played on the original easy altis life for awhile but i am relatively new to this server Have I applied for any other white-listed positions on this server?: Yes, i have enlisted for APD Do I have a microphone?: Yes Have I ever been intentionally kicked/banned from a server?: No, i have not. Have I played in a white-listed position on another server?: Yes, i have played as APD, EMS as well as other federal positions such as swat Additional Comments: I hope to be able to help those in need and save lives. I wish to bring a feeling of safety and comfort to those in need.
  2. Patrick Williams

    Denied APS Application: Patrick Williams - 16

    In-Game Name: Patrick Williams Age: 16 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198073791814 Do I have a microphone?: Yes How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?: Not too long on this current server. but i do have experience on the past easy altis life Have I played as a cop on another server?: Yes, I have been an officer on multiple other servers as well as Swat Lieutenant for a modded server. I have also served as an officer in the original easy altis before it was shut down. Why do I want to join the APS?: I want to make the streets of altis safer and to protect the civil rights of those who live on our beautiful island. The safety of those who live in altis is my #1 priority, our job is to serve and protect. Additional information: I enjoy playing in the different roles of altis life and cant wait to interact with others in the server