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  1. Toast

    suggestions for server

    I talked to polar about these in discord and were gonna likely implement most of this stuff for sure. We'll do a forum poll for everything else.
  2. Good morning everyone. As you have all been able to tell from recent weeks, the current server we have up is not populated due to lack of interest. We have been heavily discussing our plans for the future and after some deliberation have decided to remake the server from scratch fulfilling all the requests for playstyle that have been requested. Namely, we will be making a new server that adds all of the armed vehicles into the game. Everything that does not have treads, from jets to the 6 wheeled vehicles will be available to buy and use. Secondly, we will be adding all the restricted items from the previous server. There will no longer be a item distinction between civ and rebel, and will have a much different scenario setting that the civilian one we have done previously. This server will be kavala based like olden times and the majority of non-lethal activity will take place there. The new scenario is that instead of a civilian police force trying to fight armed rebels, The whitelisted faction on the island is the native peacekeeping army that is run by the government of the island and are more heavily geared in similar fashon to NATO peacekeeping soldiers. These peacekeeping soldiers, the Altis National Guard, have a military rank structure along with an air force and a special forces division. On the ground they will work on keeping the peace in the one city they have full control of (Kavala), and outside of that city will fight the rebels hard for control of the island. New military style uniform skins are being worked on for the whitelisted faction. There will be no restrictions regarding initiation with armed vehicles and no distance limit. However, there will be a small city limits circle around kavala and within this circle no armed vehicles from any faction will be permitted. The majority of legal farming runs on the island will be removed and more illegal activities will be added. We plan to have AI convoys, patrols, and encampments taking turns running at all times as the main source and way to earn money outside of illegal farming or robbing stores. Many of these AI missions will include armed vehicles. New rebel bases will be moved and built along with entirely new physical map assets more designed for combat that are closer to kavala and continue with our principle of not needing to fly just to get anywhere. New gang hideouts will also be built and there will be a pack of dogs to chase boop around. The last server we made, we rushed in about three and a half weeks. This time we would like to get everything done before we release to the public and plan for a release just before spring break. We have a test server up that staff / bug testers will be on troubleshooting during this intermediary period and we will post our progress and continue to ask for community feedback. In fact, your feedback, questions, opinions, and criticism is welcome on this thread and the discord, as well as in PM's to us. DuckHunter is no longer the Chief of Police. What was the chief is now the General of the Army and the assistant is the Colonel. Dusty is the new General of the Army, and Sharkbait is the Colonel. A new roster has been created and new protocols are being churned out by Captains Burrito, Jordan Jay, Nate Gomez, and Lieutenant Cousins. There are several new additional Ranks within this army and they are working on some finer details. No currently whitelisted officers will lose their whitelist going into this new server. Badger is looking into possibly changing the name of the EMS to the Red Cross or Coast Guard due to the scenario and will likely get some feedback from interested parties there. We really hope to make something here that is different and unique that you guys will enjoy and we can all have some fun on. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dIforrx-gEGpejGMW1FUkXpt0zJYDJ11gpt9b5T5o38/edit#gid=2060116594 The Altis National Guard will have tan marked patrol vehicles along with a green and tan soldier uniform. The following is an early iteration.
  3. Toast

    Sharkbait for chief

    Im afraid were unable to process that request. Update: We have contacted Duckhunter regarding a sex change.
  4. Hey everyone, The start date for all of our active gameplay will be Wednesday, December 19th. We have a server play night scheduled for tonight for anyone that wants to come in and have some gunfights and other fun. We will be handing out assistance for players to do fed robberies and whitelist for anyone who's played cop before that wants to do some feds on the cop side. Don't know how many we'll do but we will keep going till everyone is done. As you know I have recently mentioned that we have big plans for the server and I wanted to talk about what we intend to do as well as our timeline. One of the major faults of when we launched is we did not fill positions as much as we should have, as well as not having a lot of features in that we feel are important to a playerbase. Well that time has changed and the server is in a much more amazing state, with all the additions to gameplay we have and adjustments, we feel it’s time to go ahead and work on becoming a top choice server for the ARMA 3 Altis Life world. I personally think that one of the biggest things that helps a server is having cops and staff online and actually in game at all times during peak hours. I think that hurt us on our initial launch by hiring burnt out staff and not filling in the cop roster with active cops. This time we want to fill the empty server roles with players who are interested in playing and being in game more frequently. Over the course of the next three weeks we will be hiring staff, APS (Police) command, and AES (Medical) members. Up to our start date, I will be personally training all new Admins, Moderators, and other staff with their respective tools as we interview and hire over the next three weeks. I will be available on Teamspeak about 3 nights per week between now and then so message me, throw in an app if you don’t already have one, and come in to my channel. Duck and APS command will be doing the same and have already had many people express interest in APS command for respective positions. Shoot them a message on Discord or the forums so we can have you set up and ready when the time comes. Regarding AES, Badger lives on the server and the teamspeak and is really easy to reach so don’t hesitate to talk to him. If you're a staff member, APS members, or AES member currently, that wants a promotion, please speak up. The higher up in staff you are, the more active you will need to be. The start date for all of our active gameplay push will be Wednesday, December 19th. From there, we will ask all whitelisted command and staff to play in game and be active, with the exception of during the holidays. Sidenote: Anyone who has not played since the server was active two months ago, please note there have been many improvements. The gang hideout/arms dealer/cartel, whatever you wanna call it, pays for you to capture and defend it. It pays more, the more people are on the server. A drug dealer has been added by the airport so no more long drives to the salt flats. many new events and AI missions have been added and we are working on several more including one on an oil rig in the middle of the bay. Weapon prices have been reduced dramatically and you can now purchase up to 5 assault rifles on one drug run. Regarding the staff positions, the following are all the positions along with a basic description of what we are looking for with people who want to be in them. I would like to fill ALL of them if at all possible so please reach out to me, ITGH, Res, Badger, and Duck. Founder - Imthatguyhere: Mad scientist. Owner. Does all the hardcore development of the server including map, skins, database, new scripts and missions. Adding and maintaining features, forums, discord, coding, and programming. He's not very fun at parties. Founder - Res: Weaboo. Assists with all server development. Makes skins. Scans the database for errors and hackers daily. Does a lot of daily backend server functions that no-one sees. The server is his Waifu. Founder - Toast: Does map editing and file editing for balance and roleplay. Makes map assets. Otherwise can’t turn on a light switch. Is irresistible to women and spreadsheets. Positions: Head admin: Overseer of all staff actions for legitimacy and accuracy. Ensures that actions taken by staff are correct by reviewing at the staff members or players request. When staff are unsure which action to take, they will consult the head admin. Position 1 - Badger Position 2 - Vacant (Closed) Admin: Admins are active in every facet of the server, on the forums, on the teamspeak, and in-game several times per week. Admins must be veterans at dealing with player issues and determining the best course of action. Admins have the knowledge and experience to assist players and staff with anything that can arise. Admins review the support and appeal requests/tickets on the forums and ensure staff are completing them in a timely manner. Admins must be active in communicating with players on the teamspeak and visit public channels. Admins are responsible for organizing staff to ensure there is help available in game or on teamspeak during peak server hours. During peak hours there must be a staff member in game at all times. Position 1 - Duckhunter Position 2 - Vacant (Open) Position 3 - Vacant (Open) Position 4 - Vacant (Closed) Moderator: Moderators are active in game and on teamspeak at least 3 days per week. Moderators assist players requesting assistance or bans. Moderators assist with player requests for assistance in game as well. Backend moderators may operate on the forums to focus solely on Compensation Requests, Player Reports, and Ban Appeals. Moderators must be able to determine proper course of action when evaluating player behaviors and requests. Mod Position 1 - Cheyowen Position 2 - Nate Gomez Position 3 - Vacant (Open) Position 4 - Vacant (Open) Position 5 - Vacant (Open) Support Staff: Support staff are active in game and on the teamspeak at least 3 days per week. Support staff assist players in game and on the teamspeak with questions and those in need of help. They also ensure that support requests have the proper information to be handled quickly. Position 1 - Lance Position 2 - Perly Position 3 - Diovin Position 4 - Vacant (Open) Position 5 - Vacant (Open) Position 6 - Vacant (Open) Position 7 - Vacant (Open) Position 8 - Vacant (Open) Position 9 - Vacant (Open)
  5. Toast


    I still care about what you think too Joe and i still care about accomidating you in every way i can. Thats why im still responding here and i wont stop. Im down for you to change my mind and everyone else's. I just have to make sure we make something that works properly. The reason no other arma server does it is because these things you want just dont work with RDM rules.
  6. Toast


    You're not getting it. We cared enough, and do so still now, to take players complaints seriously. Thats why those bandaids were put in to try to stop the risk exploits. You only played one tiny part of this game so i dont expect you to understand what caused all those other players to constantly complain before they quit. Most players on servers would give ANYTHING to have their complaints about injustice listened to and acted upon. We cared that much and still do. All you seem to care about is what effects you and how you play. We have to think of everyone, and were not gonna make something that will incur non stop complaints from cops and new players. Were not gonna make a system where cops are picked on with impunity and rebels are banned for having fun. You werent there because you were perm'd. We were. Were not telling you an idea of why. Were telling you exactly why it died because we watched it with a front row seat. The server we have now, there is no way for rebel gangs, or anyone for that matter, to troll everyone no matter how hard they would try, WITHOUT all those stupid bandaid rules above. This means no complaints about it, and happy players who get what they expected when they logged in.
  7. Toast


    IMO the reason easys died was the result of the exact thing you're asking us to put in the server in this thread. What your asking is for us to remove the degree of expectation for a scenario. Namely by adding armed vehicles, but level 5 body armor and long range scopes played just as large of a factor in the death of easys. From the get-go easys operated in a manner where initiators could troll kill people who couldnt kill them back or it was insanely hard to kill them back. To that end we tried to put in rules to combat this like the 100m rule or the 1km rule for air vehicles. The wealthy found ways to pick on the weak and the new. The cops were always seen as free fun kills for most wealthy rebels and they were very successful in making it so they never died or lost in a scenario by the way they would set them up. Keeping cops logging in and trying to RP was hard. What was harder was dealing with all the cops who would daily complain about getting troll killed by rebels. You see, the cops werent complaining about dying, they were complaining about the lack of expectation of a scenario and how the rebels were able to set up so they always won. An unarmed person in a t shirt would tell them to put their hands up and when the cop handcuffed him, he would get shot from 5 different directions on wifi. For the longest time, we would simply gear the cops heavier to even the playing field. That eventually didnt work and after i left, staff started banning or permabanning players who would exploit making a scenario that was a guaranteed win for sport. The bans, from what i hear were under the guise of fail RP or something. A stigma was created where rebels only logged in to kill cops for sport, and the cops stopped logging in. When the cops stopped logging in, new players that liked gang lifestyle didnt stick around long enough to filter into a gang. By november 2017, APD command stopped requiring command and sergeants to log in daily. Within two months, no supervisors were logging in at all and the rebels had no one to fight. Then the server died. It died because the rebels ran the cops off. That is the root cause. All the bans and the lack of updates were symptoms of the root cause. As res said above too, we were under a draconian system under s1k too, who demanded permabans and basically hated everyone. s1k openly condoned the trolling and while he knew the cop force is what kept the server alive, he stopped caring. He was done with arma from what i saw. Players log into a server mostly based on population and the ability to engage with people. Having extra vehicles to purchase is a nominal reason to join. Adding armed vehicles is simply a exploit for the wealthy to take advantage of new players or cops, with minimal or no risk of death. I would rather the server never populate than run a troll server. Myself and the rest of the staff got so tired of hearing those complaints with new players and cops in the help room. We have designed this server so that despite things being easy to acquire, its hard to exploit a win over new people without risk to yourself. If we made what you ask, the server would die like easys did, with the cops no longer logging in and a few controlling admins trying to stave it off. TLDR: Rebels ran the cops off. Cops stopped logging in. Can you blame them?
  8. High risk high reward. Anyways. Glad you liked it @Sparky theres more coming and we plan to do another server nite for everyone soon. Be sure to be on the discord if you arent already.
  9. Toast


    Yea. I made my suggestion to add militarization above. What were your thoughts on that?
  10. Toast

    Server Play Night

    Ill start keeping an eye out for people around 8 CST.
  11. Toast


    Every single person who ever came to the help room to complain about it after playing on the server and never coming back when we shrugged our shoulders and said there's nothing we can do about it. Were not gonna make a system that allows you to kill other players with complete impunity.
  12. Toast


  13. Toast


    As stated above, seeding players is the only way to become populated successfully. There are exceptions to the rule with servers like no-pixel or taki-life that did things that were way way different from the norm and garnered attention by word of mouth thru the RP community. Sure, the idea of successfully seeding now is kinda far fetched, and its not because of the surplus of servers IMO but a combination of the fact that the peak arma population logins have been cut in half from a year ago. You can see here- https://steamcharts.com/app/107410 peak population was just under 50k per day and now its 26k. Combine that with the only players that play altis life or project life are players that have been doing it for 2+ years and only log in once or twice a week. A year ago, there was a surplus of players that played daily and dragged their 10 man gang along with them to check out every single server that had 10 or more players on it. Pickins are slim now and the relics play it safe and log in to one of the small handful of servers they can guranteed get some good kills / RP/ footage for their montage. What can we do? I dont know that there is anything we can do. We could go full militarization exactly the way you want and based on the principles data i speak of above, wont change our failure to populate or seed. Is it worth the gamble... maybe, but the people requesting it are burned out and their gangs are diminished too.