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  1. Name: Polar In-Game Names: Polar Birth-date: 10/16/2002 Age: 16 What Makes You Want to Join the Support Team?: I want to join the Support Team to help new players that come to the server, answer questions, and just generally help the server more than i possibly can right now. Do You Have Staff Experience From Other Communities?: No. How Well Do You Handle Stress?: I handle stress pretty well, other than running a few gangs on Arma 3 Life Servers i have to deal with stressful things IRL all the time. What is Your Availability During a Normal Week?: I am usually on everyday during the week for at least 1-2 hours. During the weekend i'm usually on also unless i'm with family/friends etc. Why Should We Pick You?: I've been apart of this community since Jan 2017, i'm trustworthy, and i'm also pretty active. Also, i'm very neutral when it comes to situations. I have experience with both sides of Altis Life (Rebel/Cop) so i understand both sides and will never favor one over the other. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed?: Yes, and I use Push-To-Talk Do You Use Discord?: Yes and I have it installed currently
  2. Polar

    suggestions for server

    Its not that hard to take out a hunter/ifrit/strider. Also i feel if people start using navids to take out tires that quick it would just make the armored vics pointless.
  3. Polar

    suggestions for server

    This is mainly from a general pov. It might take that many shots to take out a tire, but it only takes 1-2 to kill one person with any level armor. Plus its fully automatic and has 150 round mags. IMO its just too op of a gun, it ruins fights. I used them for awhile to kill cops and was killed all the time by them at feds so i know what its like.
  4. Polar

    suggestions for server

    Also just some suggestions outside of the server, add a gang section on the forums, and a suggestions box on the discord
  5. Suggestions and reasons why you should do them - If anybody disagrees or agrees please state why Remove SPMG/Navids - They are OP weapons that are completely unbalanced. Its a huge ass machine gun that you can go rambo with and if you have redgull/coffee you can just run around and 1 tap everything. Remove MRAP doors opening if you unlock your car (or just make it so you cant get shot out from it) - Pretty sure it was just a easys thing, but it made them completely useless. Remove lock on weapons/GBU/GMG - Debatable but i can see people just using them for collateral damage and fights just turning into sniping battles. Change the gang hideout system to where all you need to do is go into the area with a weapon, and if another gang comes into the area it notifies you and either contests or caps it for them. - Fun fighting system Add in a claiming system where you can claim armored/armed vehicles for yourselves (police and rebel vehicles) - Another option instead of chopping, would make people want to use armored vehicles to fight more Don't add arms dealer, just add tiers in the rebel shop. (Ex: Tier 1 = 6.5 and below, Lvl 3, Quilin, etc. Tier 2 = 7.62, Ifrit/Strider, Lvl 4 etc.) - I saw @Jaster say this, i feel like it could work, just needs to be talked about Add redgull system that gives infi stamina for 3 minutes but also gives 25-30% speed boost. - Makes combat interesting, makes running to locations on foot easier Add reviving system for rebels/civilians. - Can revive dead friends, makes fights more fun Add the old federal reserve back (the one next to international) Add a system where gang leaders can buy houses where everybody in the gang can spawn at. And some sort of system maybe where only gang leaders can access inventory? - Cool system for gangs Make it so all gang members show up in the gang ingame (they dont need to log on to show up in the list) - gang leaders can remove people that are inactive Gang ranks system - allows for leaders to decide who can kick/use gang funds/promote/access gang house inventory etc too many suggestions to put on the other thing
  6. In-Game Name: Polar Age: 16 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198286233199 Do I have a microphone?: Yes How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?: Since the beginning. Have I played as a cop on another server?: Was apart of the APD on Equinox Gaming, and also a cop on PsiSyn but i was only a cadet. Why do I want to join the APS?: I feel like i could help boost the number of cops and deal with situations because of my experience with Arma 3 Combat/Rp. But i mainly want to join because i feel like it would be a fun/enjoyable experience. Additional information:
  7. Polar

    Territory Gaming #1.5

    ur probly gonna be in one of their montages
  8. Polar

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Simple Feature details: Remove CSAT from rebel and make them buyable at Arms. Add Lvl 3's to Rebel. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: It will make being a rebel actually worth it. The rebel Weapon shops are horrible and i think Chickons idea of adding 6.5s to Rebel would be great. But also adding lvl 3's would be great, and to balance that out CSAT should only be buyable at Arms. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: No
  9. Polar

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Complex i suppose Feature details: Add more convoys/events Possible ideas Huron that drops off a transport/rebel vehicle that you can claim for yourself, but to claim it you must do some sort of action to claim it that takes 1-2 minutes. (HEMTT Box, HEMTT Transport, Ifrit etc.) NATO Patrol that has a hunter, but all occupants of the hunter have mk1s with lvl 3 vests and rebels can eliminate the AI and take their gear. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: Wont change anything, just give rebels more things to do if there are not many people on. Or even if there are quite a few people on, extra grounds to encounter each other and fight on. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: I don't believe so.
  10. Polar

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Simple Feature details: Add a checkpoint somewhere on the MSR next to international that rebels or cops can take over. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: Allow for more interactive situations on MSR, and more fun for both rebels and cops.  Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: I don't believe it will. Toast edit: Doable. Message me on discord with where you think would be a good spot.
  11. Polar

    sup nerd

    that was over a month ago...
  12. Polar

    Sharkbait for chief

    i agree, do this
  13. Polar

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Complex and Simple? Feature details: Add a option at arms dealer where you can make a loadout and automatically buy it. Pretty much like if you were in arsenal and just loaded a pre-saved loadout but you have to pay for it. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: Just make it quicker for people to buy loadouts. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: No
  14. Polar

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Complex and Simple Feature details: Add certain features that would enhance the server 1. Gang Leaders ability to add Co-Leaders to their gang, and edit who can access gang funds 2. Make Coffee or Redbull give a 25% movement increase for 2-3 minutes (not really required but it would make for getting from point A to point B on foot way easier, and add more fun combat) (Make it about 1k for a redbull or coffee) 3. Add Auto-Collecting, where if you hit windows key on a resource like cocaine, you don't have to constantly keep hitting windows key. 4. Add gang hideout 2 (cocaine) and 3 (heroin) back + Remove underwater armory and add in Arms at a different location, or change the environment of arms. (If you dont want to add them in those specific locations, adleast make them in locations that aren't cluttered/hard to defend and are decently close to Athira or the populated part of the map) In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: 1. The Gang thing should help gangs recruit if the leader is offline and chose who is trustworthy enough to use gang funds. 2. The extra speed shouldnt be much of a negative, only reason i could see it being a problem in the slightest is people running around during combat. But even then unless you have to move your mouse across your desk just to move an inch you can easily shoot somebody. 3. This will just make it less boring if you are collecting resources. Instead of repeatedly hitting the windows key you can just shift tab and watch Youtube. 4. This will add better places for rebels to fight with cops or other rebels. I feel like the Arms Dealer is a horrible place to fight due to the cluster of cars and how you can get stuck in them, and all the places to hide, and nobody will fight at the Underwater Armory imo because its on the water. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: It shouldnt I will give more suggestions if i think of anything else I spent about 15 minutes writing this so it may not be perfect, but if i have anything to add or change ill tell you guys. ITGH Edit: 1. Sounds like a cool idea. It'll take some doing with new DB fields and the like (unless it was a temp co-leader until restart) so it won't be an immediate change, but thanks for the idea. 2. Good idea, we'll probably do something like that, but with something else not those items specifically. 3. That's the reason to buy a device, so messing with that removes all the value from it other than having slightly more capacity than your backpack as well. 4. I think Toast is working on a re-edit of the cars to make it more combat friendly. More gang hideouts will be added.