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  1. Kodiak

    Should sharkbait be chief

    If you don't make Sharkbait chief, I will DDoS your Prius
  2. Kodiak


  3. Kodiak


    Come comrade, let us liberate the streets in our black skinny jeans.
  4. And hopefully your last. Nerd
  5. Kodiak


    People liked playing on Easys so clearly it wasn't all wrong.
  6. Kodiak


    Just make it like Easy's, nothing was wrong with it. Nerd
  7. Kodiak


    I'll tell you for 10 mil on Easys
  8. Kodiak

    sup nerd

    I didn't lie about my age, I said I was 15 and worked for the recommendation.
  9. Kodiak

    sup nerd

    I'll have you know, I was in the APD. I deserve RESPECT
  10. Kodiak

    sup nerd

    How are you gonna afford Burger King? I doubt the police let you keep that couch.
  11. Kodiak

    Server Play Night

    If you don't start a Minecraft server than yeah. Nerd
  12. Kodiak

    Server Play Night

    Make a Minecraft server again and I'm down
  13. Kodiak

    sup nerd

    King Nerd to you
  14. Kodiak

    sup nerd

    You talk bad about my cat and ill take over your gang next nerd
  15. Kodiak

    sup nerd

    Nah you just got outta prison for stealing a couch. Don't lie.