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  1. Jordan Jay

    Announcement regarding our new server

    Planning for Spring Break, so around the middle of March.
  2. Jordan Jay

    suggestions for server

    Remember as of right now, APC's will be in. Also this applies to ANG the most, but it takes 18 Navid rounds point blank to pop a Hunters tire, and 17 for an Ifrit and Strider. Depending on how things are setup, ANG will most likely go for the tires rather then shooting them out, which would be extremely difficult with 7.62, mk200's, and LIM's. I personally think they should be added, as from both perspectives it would increase chances of defending yourself when facing Armed/Armored vehicles.
  3. Jordan Jay

    Accepted APS Application: Chain - 18

    After reviewing your application, I would like to welcome you to an interview! Before you attend your interview, please ensure that you have read over the standard operating procedures and ask any questions you may have. We expect that everyone who attends an interview is fully understanding of the SOPs. Interviews are normally at 9:00 PM EST each day of the week unless otherwise noted. Any changes to the schedule will be noted in the "ANG Recruiting Office" in Teamspeak. When you are ready for your interview, please join the "Awaiting ANG Interview" channel in Teamspeak. If for whatever reason you cannot make the 9:00 PM EST interview time feel free to privately message me or any command staff member and we can set up a time that works better! Thank you for your interest in the Altis National Guard.
  4. Jordan Jay

    Accepted APS Application: Hanson - 21

    Congratulations! You have completed the interview process and have been accepted to APS.
  5. Jordan Jay

    Player Push Poll

    I do agree that SWAT was very OP in the beginning, 6+ members rolling around in level 5 vests, EMRs, etc. While the rebel player base hurt for money and equipment. Also the problem occurred when caught, you had multiple SWAT members after you for doing an illegal run and the rebel side only armed with pistols. However, with the recent changes, like the economy being way easier then before, rebels can get more money, vehicles, and gear way faster then before. Also me being in charge of the SWAT division, myself and a few others agreed to remove level 5 vests completely. With these changes, hopefully we can eliminate the problems that were occurring before.
  6. Jordan Jay

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Complex Feature details: First off I apologize if this isn't even possible. However, it would be fantastic if all Federal Reserve buildings could be accurately marked on the map, to help both sides call out and mark things. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: It will increase communication and teamwork to help determine the outcomes of federal reserve robberies. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: No ITGH Edit: That's not quite possible (ARMA doesn't render those on the map). We can add markers to the buildings but that would look very cluttered. I'll make sure the actual vault location is marked at least though.
  7. Jordan Jay

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Simple Feature details: Adding a full list of gang members instead of the ones that are only online. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: It will give gang leaders the ability to remove inactive players from their gang to free up slots. As well as have access to see who is still in their gang. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: No ITGH Edit: Believe it or not, this is one of the more complicated suggestions. The gang system would have to be re-written to do so, or just list playerIDs, which wouldn't be very useful. By default, it doesn't store names with the ID, and it gets those you see based on the online players. Hacking it to do so would be some work and cause bugs (remember the gang issues at C8?) but realistically the entire gang system needs a redo, so that'll likely be tackled then. We could add a "remove all gang members" so you can clean and re-invite as needed or maybe temp gang invites that disappear after the person disconnects or on restart.
  8. Jordan Jay


    @Toast @Imthatguyhere Appreciate the detailed responses. Here our my thoughts: I think “adding every single armed vehicle” is extreme, tanks and APC’s are a bit to much imo. As of now what server missions are available? I know we have the bank convoy, and I saw on the tracker that weapon drops were added. Am I missing anything else? I gave you my opinions, however I would like to know your opinions on why you think the server is not seeing success and what you can do to fix the issue.
  9. Jordan Jay


    @Toast What are your opinions on this?
  10. Jordan Jay


    Thoughts I understand you guys want this to be a heavy role play server, but the server will not see success without ^ this. You're taking away the fun/ competition out of fighting back. In my opinion increase the militarization, (As in Easy's Stuff Without APC's) Make an unrealistic economy, (millions instead of thousands), create missions, and create an events team. Heavy role play is fun for modded servers not vanilla. Right now what I believe we're missing is a reason to play, a reason to grind. What is there to grind for? A hatchback? A Taru? An armed jeep for a restart? Simply nothing long term. I also believe our main city is a turn off to new people, the city green zone is ugly, in fact the whole city is ugly, broken buildings, dirt roads everywhere etc. That brings bad vibes and turns off players. I believe someone updated Pygos for you guys, made it nice, new buildings, signs, etc, and it was never implemented. Why? I really do believe this server can be great, the staff is great, the forums are great, but the server enjoyment not so much. I know you guys can turn this around, you got this!
  11. Jordan Jay

    Server Play Night

  12. Jordan Jay

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    I personally think the crashed cars are a cool idea, it’s a unique map design that you never see. Only thing I would suggest would be possibly spacing out a few vehicles to make a gap so we can bob an weave through them to advance towards the building. And yes, the dogs that scare the shit out of me are a good touch aswell.