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  1. Jaster

    Server Relaunch Delay

    At least you are behind honest with the community unlike other server owners that I have known. As long as you communicate there will be people to support the server when the time comes its ready to be played.
  2. Jaster

    Yep.. I'm here

    No he was Orion
  3. +1 passionate about the server
  4. Jaster

    suggestions for server

    The problem is navids and spmgs are 1 shot weapons that have giant drum mags and fire extremely fast. In any online game where pvp was a thing, the community typically would not want guns in that environment that are vastly more powerful than other guns. And before someone makes the suggestion to make it event/server event/craftable only. The way the cop/army and staff works here they always want the police/national gaurd to be equal and have same access to equipment as rebels.
  5. Jaster

    suggestions for server

    Reduce the amount of AA rockets on jets pls
  6. Jaster

    Territory Gaming #2

    Since the server is going to go under some major changes I thought I might as well clear my clips out.
  7. Jaster

    Announcement regarding our new server

    Interesting and exciting changes!
  8. Jaster


    I see you on koth every once in a while
  9. I know that the current idea by @Toast is to give rebels better guns but weaker armor and cops better armor but weaker guns. This would only work if you nerfed cop guns to 6.5 and took lvl 3s away from rebels which honestly I dont think would be a good idea. Cops use the best gun/armor they can get in most situations anyways and same goes for rebels. Just balance the two factions because they both have similar gear at the end of the day. A message to the devs/staff of the server: You can give the rebels what they want by allowing loadout prices to be cheaper, but can drain bank accounts to keep the economy in check in various other ways. Subtle high pullout prices, paying a percentage of your bounty when sent to jail, higher payment to whoever revives you, increased prices for food/redgull (people dont pay attention to how much they buy of this) etc. Also you can give them toys for them to waste money on: striders, hunters, armed boats, unarmed jets (high pullout), gang houses/sheds, etc.
  10. Jaster

    Player Push Poll

    I think the third poll is stupid because the server hasn’t seen the new changes that have been made to the swat division including the removal of level 5 vests that I have pushed for. Now they have MAX lvl 4 and that vest is 5k which is 4500 dollars more than the lvl 3 so swat should not be buying it every loadout. If Jordan and I find the swat are still abusive then we will talk about nerfing them again. As for the other polls if you added lvl 3s and mk1s to the rebel shop arms dealer would be useless. I still agree that runs are still not that good to do but it’s more doable now since prices have lowered. I think the staff are more willing to change things now if the community calls for it. (Assuming the change does not go against the servers values)
  11. Jaster

    Sharkbait for chief

    make it happen chief
  12. Jaster

    Feature Request Suggestions

    allow us to bind redgull to a custom keybind ITGH Edit: While we don't allow comments in this thread, this one is a suggestion at least, so we won't hide it. If an item like that goes in, we'll put a hotkey for it.