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  1. Jaster

    Sharkbait for chief

    make it happen chief
  2. Jaster

    Feature Request Suggestions

    allow us to bind redgull to a custom keybind ITGH Edit: While we don't allow comments in this thread, this one is a suggestion at least, so we won't hide it. If an item like that goes in, we'll put a hotkey for it.
  3. Jaster

    Fed Server Event

    Thank you to the staff for hosting it, it was a super fun event with no trouble or issues. If i have enough clips ill make a vid of my pov.
  4. Jaster

    My First Date With Jordan Jay ;)

    Jordan Jay lookin like a snack
  5. Jaster

    Climb Vlog #1 Tomatoes

    When is Minecraft montage #2?
  6. Jaster

    Diving a Ship Wreck

    pro tip: bring some redgull for the dive so you can swim as fast as possible at all times
  7. Jaster

    Play Here

    Why do you fight cartels on olympus? For fun, you dont get anything out of it because all the money goes to the gang bank. mk1 has been lowered to 17k and a coke run in a plane does not take 30min
  8. Jaster

    You either like Kevin Bacon or you're wrong

    Hi Kevin Bacon, big fan!
  9. Jaster

    Weapon Selling a Lynx w/ APDS ammo

    i mean no need to close it but yeah i made a deal with kodiak about the lynx
  10. Jaster

    Weapon Selling a Lynx w/ APDS ammo

    I already got it @Sharkbait
  11. Jaster

    Concerns for the Server v.102

    It is extremely difficult to shoot someone out of the ifrit, the front glass is both strong and angled so the only way you are going to shoot someone out is by being above them. the side slits you can shoot someone out but you have to be good at it and tbh ive never on easys or this server been shot out of the ifrit from the side slits. the armor value means almost nothing when we are talking about a server like this that is less militarized, a 7.62 is almost never going to shoot out the engine of both the ifrit or strider. I assume when you talk about "damaged" you mean shooting out the engine because I cannot image any other way you can damage an ifrit with a 7.62 rifle. The only thing that makes the ifrits not op on this server is that for some reason when you unlock the ifrit all the doors open which makes the qullin mostly the better alternative.
  12. Jaster

    Concerns for the Server v.102

    Besides the water point which I agree with, the strider is the easiest to shoot someone out of, the glass is so weak a 5.56 can penetrate
  13. Jaster

    Concerns for the Server v.102

    He was on for I think around an hour last night. We did a fed and that took a long ass time and he was on then and on at the restart before that. He was doing runs and at one point said I think (I'm sorry if I'm misquoting you joe) "the economy doesn't look that bad". He was asking questions to players and he told us that he wanted to play the server more rather than make false assumptions. I'm not saying you can't, but I dont think someone should ignore his opinion because he does not have 100-30 hours like the rest of us
  14. Jaster

    Concerns for the Server v.101

    Might as well @ me next time.