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  1. Update on my application. Current Ranks: Deputy Commissioner in the Altis Red Cross (ARC) formerly AES Sergeant in Altis National Guard (ANG) formerly Sergeant in the Patrol Division of the APS
  2. Caesar

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    This statement is going against what you are complaining about me saying. I am saying what is on my mind. Yet I am told to keep it to my self. You didn't keep what you thought about my comment to yourself. There is a word for that. But I will keep my further thoughts to myself so it won't cause more distress.
  3. Caesar

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    This wasn't a jab at the developer's it was one towards the people that are complaining about the development team not giving "the community" what they want. Or at least some of the people. what they want. Unless you and most of the server population got together and came up with this, I am going to assume this is a personal opinion. Doing a bit of math here looks like a 69 Changes and 4 Bugs fixed along with rule clarifications and AES related rules were added as well as the laws are now viewable. But I guess no one cares about that.
  4. Caesar

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    Sure are some ungrateful people on this forum. Not sure of some people know what it takes to run a server.
  5. Caesar

    DayBreakBoys Recruitment

    Name: Caesar Name in DBB: [DBB] Tiberius Age: 46 What makes you want to join DBB?: To infiltrate it from the inside and dismantle the structural integrity of the gang. What gangs were you in on C8gaming/EAL?: Two of the most powerful gangs on the server. What’s your availability?: Almost every day of the week in the evenings and all day on weekend. Why should we pick you?: I'm an honest guy. Loyal to the faction I'm playing on. People seem to like my laugh and if needed I would take a bullet for even a stranger. And as some might tell you I have a history of shooting cops in the face. Well, at least Tiberius does. Bonus comment Caesar, what fruit goes well with lamb? I'm glad you asked. Hearty lamb can stand up to both fresh and dried fruits with bolder flavors, such as apricots, cranberries, dates, figs, pomegranates, prunes, and raisins. Sweeten lamb shoulder with dried apricots when you make this Middle Eastern-Style Lamb Stew with Dried Apricots.
  6. Caesar

    AES Application: Mack Robinson - 18

    Congratulations! After thoroughly reviewing your application we would like to invite you to an interview in the TeamSpeak (ts3.territorygaming.com). Before arriving for your interview, be sure you have thoroughly looked through and read the AES Standard Operating Procedures (LINK). Knowledge of these SOPs will be required to answer interview questions. AES Interviews will take place on Saturday, at 7:00PM Pacific. Soon there will be a standard interview time and day every week, so if you do not make it to the posted interview time a new one will be posted soon. Thank you for your interest in the AES, and we look forward to welcoming you into our department.
  7. Caesar

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: simple Feature details: Make all hospitals green zones. Only needs to be a small area just to cover the perimeter. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: So no gunfights are taking place where medics mainly hang out waiting for a call. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: No ITGH Edit: This is already in the works. When then server launched, safezones were a last minute addition and I made sure that the main areas that could be trolled in Pyrgos were covered. Toast has added a bunch for the next patch, and I'll make sure the AES spawns are covered as well.
  8. Bringing something up that didn't happen in this community is toxic itself. Is it a nice thing to make a comment such as that about someone's voice? Also, I am 100% sure he does not have a house here @Territory Gaming. If this is referring to anything with C8gaming then your -1 for the reason you stated should be voided out due to nothing should have been carried over of any negativity from that server including bans. Most of us should be grateful for that. So, I give my +1 to this application to wipe your -1.
  9. Thank you to everyone that has posted on my application.
  10. Name: Caesar Hunns In-Game Names: [S-02] Caesar / [P-312] Caesar Birth-date: 06/04/1972 Age: 46 What Makes You Want to Join the Support Team?: For a while now I have wanted to apply for a staff position. But the old community was becoming more and more inactive and I felt like there may be no point in doing it. As we sat back and watch the bomb land on our old stomping grounds and seeing it explode into nothing. I feel with all of us being reborn into this much better place with people that have the same thoughts and goals for a better world as we know it. I am wanting to apply for this staff position to further my experience in this community and to help build a better place. I enjoy helping others and I fell I can listen to both side of an issue and come to the conclusion that yields the best results. Do You Have Staff Experience From Other Communities?: In Arma 3 I have had my own server before but it wasn't much to shake a stick at for really it was just a standard invade and annex with not much for a population. Currently, as you know I am part of AES command staff. I have enjoyed being part of this position and would like to climb a bit further up the ladder in this community in other areas. How Well Do You Handle Stress?: As a father of a 10-year-old special needs child, 16-year-old girl, and a 17-year-old boy, both in high school. I deal with stress on an everyday basis. As part of my real job, there are times where I need to have a lot of patents while dealing with clients. This I have been able to perfect according to the situation. But nothing compares to dealing with the stress of an online person that feels like they have been dealt a bad hand in a situation. The main problem with dealing with someone online is there is no personal connection such as eye contact or facial expressions to deal with the problem accordingly as you see how the person is reacting. But for me its a matter of listening to the person and making sure they know you are really listening and give a care. I feel I handle stress really well in whatever circumstance. What is Your Availability During a Normal Week?: On the weekdays mainly in the evening. The weekend all day. Why Should We Pick You?: From the time I have been part of this community from the old server to this one. I’ve been able to show you why I’m qualified from a gaming perspective and on a personal level of commitment to this community. From the last days of the old to the first days of the new I have been here when needed. I can only imagine the other candidates are equally accomplished. What I can tell you is that I’m excellent at listening to issues others are having or even just being the ear that a lot of people need to vent. I’m very adaptable and don’t get thrown off balance in a crisis. This is a high-pressure position, and in addition to my commitment to this community and what I feel my experience successfully turning new members with low knowledge of the server rules or gameplay to the high performers, I think those soft skills are a critical complement. I am thankful for this chance to possibly be part of this level of server staff. Thank you. Bonus comment: Did you know that Beryllium copper is the strongest of the non-ferrous alloys, with strengths approaching those of alloy steels. "If I was a metal I think I would be this for I would not be pulled one way or another if stuck between magnets and still be strong for other situations." Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed?: Yes, and I use Push-To-Talk Do You Use Discord?: Yes and I have it installed currently
  11. Caesar

    Rumors, Speculation, Guesses, Outright Lies

    Look at it from this point of view. Places it will not be due to logical digging places. Roads of any kind In towns such as Kavala or even smaller ones In buildings or on top of things such as a tower or in a dome. Underwater Just a thought. Not insider info.
  12. Caesar

    MAJOR Territory Gaming Leak!!!!!!

    I see what looks like detention cages. "Sir, we are going to put you into this holding cell for now till we pull up your charges."