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  1. Tharos

    Announcement regarding our new server

    I know what I'll be playing from now on :P but for real please no mass tanks / AA tanks and God please no fighter jet AA
  2. Tharos


    Honestly I know I would come back if the server had easy way to make money and was militarized again just like easys, I have spent over 3,000 hours on arma and I sure as hell am not joining a server I have to grind in constantly for hours to be able to afford a few rifles and trucks. Not doing that bullshit all over again and I'm pretty sure no one here wants to grind for money for hours to only buy what you have out right now. Everybody wants a server like easys back and the server has no population as of right now and you have people telling you if the server was like easys they would return so why are you still arguing about it. I would love to come back to a server like easys but I am not grinding for hours anymore pretty sure we have all had our fair share of those days but at least back then it was completely worth it because after that work it was worth it being able to sit in that cockpit of that damn beautiful A-164 Wipeout. As for the fear that roleplay will no longer be a thing if the server is militarized I can think back of so, so many times large gangs and small groups have used the big toys like APCs, heavy gear, and jets just stuff like that in general for some pretty cool and fun roleplay situations it may have been slightly toxic from time to time and a slaughter fest every now and then but honestly that was pretty damn fun, I think we can all agree easys had its downs but there's a reason we all played there and stuck around. #BringTheOldWaysBack
  3. Tharos

    Concerns for the Server

    To be completely honest that was the one thing always keeping me on the old server, I always knew I had something to work towards trying to get me some of them fancy jets in my garage and well, most of you know how that turned out towards the end, it was pretty toxic
  4. Tharos

    Hype Train!

    Hoping this can be a start over experience as well for not just me but I think I speak for everyone who has had a rough past on the previous server ^_^
  5. Tharos

    Welcome to Territory Gaming!

    I hope there will be jets!