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  1. Zane


  2. Zane

    Server Relaunch Delay

  3. Zane


    hey who's wanna play on a minecraft server one with a marriage plugin preferrably but it's slightly flexible Lmk if ur interested on discord add me Zane#1260 Like if you agree
  4. sorry I mean't what about body looting; will that be in the server?
  5. body looting? Or like before the argument is that it encourages RDM?
  6. Will there be tasers in the new server?
  7. Yes I want body looting as well
  8. I hope i can help John wick on the new server with my credit card number, the magic numbers on the back, as well as the expiration month and date?
  9. Fuck yeah @Toast This sounds badass is it gonna be a whole new server, in other words is the current one shutting down and getting replaced by this? Do you want any help testing or anything?
  10. Zane

    Quad bikes on Offroads?

    There is a feature suggestion thread Sounds good though
  11. staff don't have enough time to work on it they premature ejaculated this server all over our faces and its disappointing aint shit to do on this server right now, hopefully they add more events that make it FUN and not BORING, grinding is fucking BORING, no one wants to get on and grind and then just die & get revived then tazed by cops and given a ticket, houses and shit cost a lot, you need to make a good ass profit not just enough for 1 decent loadout or 2 shitty loadouts. more $ invested in loadout = lesser chance of dying. obviously skill can't be bought so this isn't true in all cases but generally it is. vests shouldn't cost $15k+, what the fuck OG easy's wasn't a failure at all by any means, many, many people spent 100s if not 1000s of hours on there and if dev would just copy that this server would be poppin every night. make the server FUN again MAKE ARMA GREAT AGAIN???????????????????????????????? Arma is dying anyways new games are coming out this has been said before, the server simply is not fun. people will just not play on it because there are other games that are going to be more fun & more people will play those either make shit very much cheaper or increase run profit amounts a lot tip the scale the other way, however you wanna do that it doesn't matter but it should be done Im just rambling hi @Jaster
  12. Zane

    My First Date With Jordan Jay ;)

    couple of cuties
  13. Zane

    Keyboard pilots' keybindings?

    x is air brakes