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  1. Boop

    Throwback Screenshots

    Make way press coming through.
  2. Boop

    suggestions for server

    Don't cave into the Asylum/Olympus players who want rebel revives. Easy's was perfectly fine without rebel revives as long as there is body looting.
  3. Make sure there's body looting.
  4. Boop


    Easy's died because they banned over half the players who had more than 1,000 hours played on the server then removed all the militarization that allowed easy's to thrive.
  5. Boop

    Server Play Night

    Fun times.
  6. Boop

    Feature Request Suggestions

    Feature complexity: Complex Feature details: Eliminate half of the current police force and impose a limit of officers allowed on the police force until the server beings to grow. Additionally, remove the current SOP of only having to play once every two weeks to maintain a white list as a cop and make one that's temporarily much more strict. In what way will the feature change the game dynamics: Currently the largest player base of the server is the police force. In my short time as a police officer before retirement I noticed an unsettling trend of 10-15 cops in the off-duty lounge playing other games and occasionally popping into patrol channel to ask if "anything is going on". This is a complete waste of potential players for the server. In order for the server to grow there needs to be a base population because nobody looking for a new server to play on is going to join one with 1-3 people online. I think by reducing the current police force by at least half, and then imposing a cap on on the number of cops allowed on the police force followed by SOP changes that require them to be much more active the community will begin to grow. It's true some of these cops won't play civilian or rebel even if they're kicked off the police force but guess what? They're not playing right now so there's no difference. There's also the alternative of not firing the current police force and instead just close recruitment and then weed out the inactive cops. Here's the idea broken down in a more readable format: Remove half of the current police force or halt all current and future recruitment for the time being. Require that the current police force be much more active or risk losing their status as police. Why? There are way too many cops who refuse to get on unless "something is happening". These people are not helping the server by sitting in the off-duty lounge playing other games, in fact they are HURTING the server because at least a small portion of them would be on civilian/rebel which would increase the base server population which in turn would help draw in new players. Will this feature harm any game mechanics currently in place: This feature may harm some peoples feelings but is ultimately great for the server. Duck Edit: I see where you are coming from with your suggestions. While I don't exactly agree with all of them, I do think that we could put together a plan which involves some of what you are talking about. I'll talk with the other command members about this. Feel free to come chat with me in TS at any time.
  7. Boop

    Play Here

    I agree. I think this server has great potential and is on the right path. I just really want to encourage the people that have already given up on it to come back and realize what they're missing out on. P.S. Didn't mean to exclude you from the original post the other two are just more active on the forums aspect so their names popped in my head. I appreciate all 3 of you and the lower staff who make the server work.
  8. Boop

    Play Here

    I guess that was a bit of projection of my own feelings. I know I'd be frustrated if I was making the changes the community wanted, but a majority of them still weren't logging in. Thanks for remaining motivated!
  9. Boop

    Play Here

    I'm really glad to hear this. I think what you originally experienced in terms of people describing the server to their friends as "horrible" and other negative ways has become a bit of a plague and has prevented people from giving the server a fair chance. The server was released with the warning that it wasn't going to be perfect and not in its final form and I think a lot of people didn't understand that and took their day one experience and spread the word too quickly that the server sucks. I think in just two weeks the server has already made some great tuning and has already become a better experience than it was day one. The only way to cure the plague of negativity and doubt is for those players to come and give the server another try. Its only getting better.
  10. Boop

    Play Here

    Play Here. Play on the server. I'm getting so tired of seeing the same people complaining about things on the forums, hanging out in Discord, hanging out in TeamSpeak, etc, but not actually playing on the server. Now before you reply with something along the lines of "we have the right to complain if we don't like it" or any variant of that, I completely agree with you. However, I'd like everyone to consider the other side. This is a brand new server, one that I'm sure we all hope will be successful, and one that has given us all the opportunity to transfer a great community from a dead server. The staff went out of their way to bring us this server and opportunity and quite frankly several of you are squandering the opportunity. We are a community, we all are here because we have something in common; maybe we don't all like each other individually but we do all love the community as a whole. For a community to thrive it requires effort from all sides, and since the start of this server the staff such as @Imthatguyhere and @Toast have been putting in great effort to respond to the communities concerns and address them and make positive changes in game. Yet, we the community have not done the same. We asked for certain runs to be more profitable or shorter, they did so. We asked for weapons and load outs to be cheaper and more affordable, and they listened. We asked for a better HUD system, more things to farm, better federal reserve prices, cheaper car prices, etc and they listened. And still, the server population remains critically low. The staff has demonstrated beyond any doubt that they will listen to the feedback of the community and make the changes we as a community want. So why aren't you playing? If nobody is playing here even after the changes we desire are made then the staff has no motivation to continue implementing the changes. Many of you haven't even logged in since the deployment of the last patch, the server is getting better by the day yet the population hasn't recovered because a vast majority of you aren't giving it a fair chance. If you truly enjoyed this community you'd help make it better, not abandon it. When there's 20+ people in TeamSpeak playing other games, or 80+ online in the Discord playing other servers and other games it's really frustrating. Maybe the changes you wanted aren't implemented yet, or maybe some of those changes just don't make sense and never will be but this server is what we as a community make it. I plea to you all, come play here. Come be apart of the community, stop being a bystander or a fair weather member of the community and become a contributing member. Help make Territory great. Don't leave it to die. In my opinion, the biggest culprits of complaining but not contributing are: @[APA] Joe Lester @Dunkerino @Haze @Dealer @El Peanut @smashy And many many more I can't think of right now.
  11. Boop

    Concerns for the Server v.102

    I think the Hellcats, Pawnees, unarmed Striders, and Ghosthawks are the perfect militarization level. They're not broken and unfun to go against like Jets, Blackfoots, and Kajmans. And since the economy is actually balanced on this server unlike Easy's you can make those things cost 15+ runs in value so they're not rampant and can ensure they're only used for only extreme circumstances.
  12. Boop

    Territory Gaming Jingle - [P-306] Bryce

    "Stanley steemer gets your home cleaner."