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    Server Relaunch Delay

    100% agree
  3. In-Game Name: Elias Age: 14 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198157259035 Do I have a microphone?: Yes How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?: since the bigining but i have taken a big break. Have I played as a cop on another server?: Yes i have. Why do I want to join the APS?: Being able to reinforce the law, arrest criminals, and most importantly having fun doing so, all the things I just listed is one of the most important things I would love to do as a cop even if it takes me all the time, I would still love the job. I really respect the people in the PD as they endure a lot of stuff from what I see as a civilian, I am applying because another reason is that I would like to have some of that action and help my officers. My time playing Arma 3 RP I have seen a myriad amount of people roleplay as a cop. I would like to experience being in the Law Enforcement as well as reinforcing it, Remembering past experiences about my time as a cop made me want to join it again. Additional information: Thanks for reading my application. I turn 15 in January.
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    My First Date With Jordan Jay ;)

    jordan gay to the right nikolai kuk on the left
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    i might come back neighbor
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    I have decided that i am leaving this community i feel like i dont fit in. I know some of u will miss me and some of you dont. I just want to say a last godbye to this great community hope it goes far.
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    Concerns for the Server

  8. In-Game Name: Elias Age: 14 Player ID (Steam x64): 76561198157259035 How long have I played on this server?: i have been playing on easys for about a year now and it has been really fun. Have I applied for any other white-listed positions on this server?: Yes i have been a medic on easys altis life. Do I have a microphone?: Yes Have I ever been intentionally kicked/banned from a server?: no i have never tried to get banned on purpose. Have I played in a white-listed position on another server?: yes i have been a whitelisted cop on a server called outlawed veterans and been a medic on easys altis life. Additional Comments: Thanks for reading my application.