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  1. Rosss

    UFC 229

    Boring because of Khabib, why tf is that even allowed to basically wrestle a whole 4 rounds or more. And not shit happen til a submission. Like why?
  2. Rosss

    BlackRock Enterprises

    Good rp +1
  3. Rosss

    black ops 4

    correction its BishopTheOG#1489
  4. Rosss

    black ops 4

    add me - BishopTheOG
  5. Rosss

    black ops 4

    how do i get a code
  6. Rosss

    OG Flacco

    lol i remember this man from forever ago, hes actually good eggsd
  7. Rosss

    OG Flacco

    ur trash
  8. Rosss

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    didnt even comprehend. what negligence
  9. Rosss

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    its hilarious that you say that, you act like your not supposed to say what you dont like about the server. I get on air sheriff and fly around heli and find no one and theres like 4 people on, genesis is right there no need for you say ignorant things like that, we all know its hard so keep that to yourself :)
  10. Rosss

    XCON | Recruitment Thread

    im proud u shaved it
  11. Rosss

    XCON | Recruitment Thread

    too bad your unibrow is huge
  12. Rosss

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    its common sense for anyone who half a brain to wait and shoot if you have any skills you would check map and make sure they are, if your a noob with like 500-700 hours then that make sense but 3/4 of the people on the server have experience and their was never a problem w it on easys
  13. Rosss

    Suggestion Gripes (Split Topic)

    they add loss of frame rate inside of them due to the amount of them placed there, and there's no need to them anyways (simple solution) buy a gps. Thats how u find the red zone you dont need indicators