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  • Altis Life is about roleplay and enjoying yourself and is not about endlessly getting kills. Immerse yourself in the roleplay and follow the rules below and we are sure you will have a good time here!

    Intentional rule violations may result in ban, warning from staff, Removal of 10% of bank, and/or instructions to compensate the afflicted party.
    Accidental rule violations will require the aggressor to compensate the afflicted party.

    Remember that all final decisions are made by the Owner, Founders and Head Administrators of the Server and Community. What they say goes.


    General Rules

    • Abusive language, constant fighting, and racism is not permitted in or out of roleplay.
    • Music and mic spamming in direct chat is not permitted
    • Playing on alternate accounts during an active ban is not permitted.
    • Hunting down specific players after a new life is not permitted.
    • Killing yourself or disconnecting to avoid roleplay or player interaction is not permitted.
    • Baiting - Committing a crime in the presence of the police with the intention of having them initiate on you or chase you is not permitted.
    • Failing to report a bug that results in exploit may result in ban.

    General Roleplay Rules

    • You must roleplay at all times.
    • Using sidechat or text chat for roleplay is not permitted.
    • Breaking RP to help players with buttons, controls, and other general help will not result in ban.
    • Communications devices are automatically taken when you are restrained. They are automatically returned when you are unrestrained unless specified by your captor. If your captor unrestrains you and leaves, they are automatically returned. 
    • Players must consent to being taken hostage. If the player does not consent, you may rob them and then let them go. Players may revoke their consent and be killed if they need to leave the game.
    • NLR (New Life Rule for Cops and Civilians) - If you die, you may not return to the area of any roleplay scenario you were a part of in your last life for 10 minutes. All of your past dealings are forgotten once you respawn.

    Locations and Zones

    • Repeatedly using air vehicles within city limits (which are marked by a black circle on the map) is not permitted.
    • In a greenzone, committing any crimes besides possession of illegal items is not permitted.
    • If you are initiated with someone or in an active situation, entering a greenzone is not permitted. You must conclude the situation first.
    • Police returning to a police area while initiated, or in a scenario, without a player in custody is not permitted. You must conclude the situation first.
    • Non-police entering a police area for any reason is not permitted. You may be sent directly to jail for 5 minutes within RP as well as kicked or banned for repeat offenses.
    • Initiating on players accessing or about to access a terminal, shop or menu is not permitted. (Wait until they walk away from the terminal / vendor).
    • Cops may detain and arrest, with impunity, players who visibly possess illegal items in a greenzone. The player's only option is to flee. Don't come to a greenzone with illegal items if you don't want to lose them!
    • All redzones on the map are Kill on Sight and require no roleplay or initiation. Both you and your opponent must be in the redzone to fire unless you have already initiated in roleplay or are in the middle of an existing situation.

    Initiation and Random Death Match (RDM)

    • Killing players without roleplay cause is not permitted.
    • Only direct chat via voice may be used for initiation. If you do not have a mic you cannot initiate.
    • Attempts to initiate over a loud vehicle is not permitted - This includes all diesel trucks and helicopters.
    • Warning shots, text messages, or typing in any chat for initiation is not considered initiation and will get you removed.
    • Initiating without a weapon in your hands is not permitted.
    • Giving orders that players cannot comply with or that do not have a legitimate roleplay use is not permitted. (If it's hard or impossible to comply, it's not allowed).
    • Killing players who comply with your orders is not permitted.
    • Lights, horns and sirens are not lethal initiation for any party.
    • You may fire on your opponent(s) when the first of two criteria are met -The opponent completes an action that is directly against your order, or the time from your order has exceeded 5 seconds.
    • If you give a player an order that takes more than 5 seconds to complete, you must give an appropriate amount of time for them to do so.
    • During a firefight, all players in the who appear to be a part of the scenario and who act in a hostile manner are considered initiated. Ex: A player peeking around corner with a weapon in his hands, or a sniper aiming at you on a hill. If you're in the area of an active gunfight and don't want to be considered a party to it, don't look or act hostile. There is no distance limit.
    • Initiation lasts 5 minutes from the last order given or last bullet fired at a player.
    • Firing on players after appearing non-threatening is not permitted. AKA if your have shown initiated parties that you are an innocent bystander, you cannot pull out a weapon and begin firing without initiating yourself separately as a party to the fight.
    • All uniformed police or police vehicles who enter the area of a scenario where police are initiated are considered initiated.
    • Police must voice their intent to detain you physically or verbally for their initiation to be valid and give you the ability to fire upon them. Ex: Valid - "Stop right there criminal scum!" Not valid - "Please leave the area."
    • After being downed, your situation has ended. If you are revived, you need to reinitiate before taking any hostile actions.


    Vehicle Initiation / Death Match (VDM)

    • Intentionally causing a vehicle to collide with another is not permitted.
    • Vehicles may be used as a weapon if initiated on and if the assailant is in your path at the moment of initiation (if they are blocking your escape). This includes against the vehicle of an initiated party. Multiple passes (hits) or driving around attempting to run over someone who has initiated on you does not fall under this rule and is not permitted.
    • In any vehicle collision, whether within the rules or against, If the vehicle explodes, it is considered VDM and the aggressor must compensate the other party for all of their losses.
    • Unoccupied vehicles may not be damaged or destroyed for any reason. Crossfire is acceptable if it wasn't intentionally focused on the vehicle.
    • Jumping on or in front of vehicles as well as intentionally getting hit by vehicles is not permitted.
    • Players (and any of their associates or teammates nearby) may use a weapon to disable the vehicle they have been following closely and using lights, sirens and/or horns to alert for at least one full minute. This initiates both parties to disable each-other's vehicles. Even after this, players must still verbally initiate before firing on another player.


    Altis Police Services (APS) Roleplay

    • Police may handcuff and notify you at the same time. To aviod being handcuffed, do not get within range to be "grabbed" by a police officer.
    • Police who physically detain someone must notify them as to why they are restrained.
    • Police may only physically detain individuals that are suspected of committing a crime or that are acting suspicious and/or threatening.
    • Police reserve the ability to process players for charges at police locations with impunity. Once within an APS location you may not "rescue" your friends or teammates.
    • Cops may detain and search anyone, as well as their vehicle, while in a redzone. They may also Kill anyone acting threatening or appearing hostile on Sight while both parties are within a redzone.
    • Police cannot metagame a player's "license plate" or names for warrants.
    • Police who attempted to shoot out a tire and kill a person may be subject to a fail RP ban or owe compensation.
    • If a police officer has reason to check for warrants, they may use your face and search for "known offenders" regardless of a players willingness to provide identification. Wearing a mask can prevent this (until you are forced to remove it).


    Altis Emergency Services (AES) Roleplay

    • Crimes are not allowed to be committed against AES members.
    • Stealing AES vehicles is not permitted.
    • Once revived, you must reinitiate as your previous situation ended when you were downed.
    • You may request the AES to revive and do their jobs once you have left the scene, but you may not tell the AES not to revive (DNR) a player.

    Automatic Permanent Bans

    • Racism / Threatening Players / Rape Roleplay
    • Hacking.
    • Cheating.
    • Glitching.
    • Duping.
    • Autoclicking.
    • Using Pulldown, no recoil or aim assistance scripts.
    • Repeated Mass RDM / VDM.
    • Impersonating Staff.
    • Mic Spamming in the Teamspeak.
    • Lying to Staff.
    • Failure to report receiving large amounts of money or suspicious items.
    • Toxic attitude after previous warnings from staff.
    • Threatening to or attempting to Dox or release personal information of anyone.
    • Threatening to or attempting to DDOS anyone.
    • Farming Player IP's (IP Grabbing Scripts, asking people to join your TS, etc).
    • Advertising.
    • Farming the player base.