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Welcome to Territory Gaming!

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Hello and welcome everyone.

This community is the home of a new Altis Life server with many custom features and an amazing and professional staff. We are currently around 10 days away from any detail announcements for the server, so check back as there’s plenty of information to come.

If you came here from C8 Gaming  / Easy’s Altis Life, welcome back friends. What happened to C8, you ask? s1k` and a fair amount of community members, including the staff, have had different opinions on the server and how to handle it for a while. As you may know, he disappeared a few months back and any information on development stopped. He recently came back and started closing everything down, thus forcing us to drop this message and get you all over here before the server is up to our standards for you to try out. s1k` previously made it abundantly clear that he did not want to pass the torch or let me handle the new recode to keep things running. With that and this message, C8 is dead. All assets of mine have been wiped and nothing from Easy’s or C8 will be used on the server here. I appreciate all of the work s1k` did within that community and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Now, onto this community. The intention of this new server is to be a more balanced Altis Life Roleplay experience with all the love and features put in that you guys all deserve while playing. I am heading up the development team with @Resonance and @Toast helping it all as well. Staff wise, a few people have already been helping us get everything setup. I’m happy to announce that @Duckhunter and @Devil will be leading the Altis Police Services and @Badger and @Wumpus will be controlling the Altis Emergency Services.

As you can tell, there is still some work to be done. On behalf of the staff here, I’m happy to say, Welcome to Territory Gaming! Please stay tuned for updates in the next 10 days, we’re sure you’ll like what you’ll see. If you haven’t already, please go to your settings and turn on “Send me news and information” to sign up for our newsletter. Server release information will be sent via that Newsletter so you can stay instantly up to date.

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59 minutes ago, Spectre said:

Pepto dog

it scares me tbh, i dont like it

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