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Development Status and Updates.

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I've seen some discussion about things being "dead" and a few other similar lines around here, so I figured an official topic/response would be a little better to respond to that.

Server Development Status

As you can probably see, we've gone our longest distance between patches so far. That wasn't intentional. For around 2 weeks, I've had no functioning internet (around 60% packet loss) and my ISP has been taking it's time to get this resolved. I've been regularly pushing small updates to the development server daily when I'm able to, but these are limited to code integration (official framework updates) and stuff that I can do from work or my phone. Apparently, my internet should return back to normal some time tonight and allow me to actually work on things this weekend! The weekends are the majority of time I get to work on things, so that's a really good thing (1-4 hours a night and all weekend typically).

Low Server Population

As @Toast has said recently, we didn't expect much of the EAL / C8 community to stick around or play here consistently. A fair amount of people have different wants in a server, and most of the rest are burned out on Arma, have other home servers or are casual players that don't spend hours in game (or typically won't play without a very active playerbase). I've said this from the start and I will reinforce it again: This Server / Community isn't going anywhere. This will be actively developed, and we would love to see you guys drop in and try out new stuff as it comes around. This is a long-term project for me and the other Founders, so it being called "dead" is simply untrue.

Driving population needs players to seed it, constant staff interaction with players and fun events for others to check out (as well as some advertising as well). I'm working on more events and stuff for everyone to play with and that doesn't leave much time to sit in the server for me. In November, Toast will finally have more free time and you will see him around more and pushing events and interactions to keep more population on the server.

TLDR / Summary

The server isn't dead. My internet has been absolutely garbage for 2 weeks and should be fixed tonight, so regular work can resume. Toast will be available far more often in November and working to get more population in the server.

Please post any cool ideas and features you want added to the server here: 


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5 hours ago, Polar said:

when will you guys fully release it or whatever

hopefully before s1k releases the recode

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