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Huge Patch - 24/10/2018

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Hey guys, massive patch here. Sorry for the time it took, but we should be back on schedule for regular patches (with some holiday stuff for the end of this month).

Below is all the changes, but you can see what is being worked on currently here: 



Altis Life 5.0 Framework Changes Integrated:

  • New 3D Vehicle Shop.
  • Vehicle Duping Fixes.
  • Container Lock Bypassing Fixes.
  • Assorted Optimizations.
  • Medics being able to revive combat loggers to farm cash has been fixed.

Major Changes:

  • Gang Hideout Payments:
    • Gang Hideouts now pay every 15 minutes you hold them.
    • The person who captures the hideout needs to stay near or they end.
    • The gang is alerted when the hideout payments stop and why.
    • If the captor disconnects, the payments end to avoid duping and abuse.
    • Money is paid directly to the gang bank.
  • Toolkit-less Vehicle Repair:
    • Repairing without a kit is now possible, but takes longer and may damage the vehicle (but it will be usable still).
    • 3 Levels of perks:
      • Apprentice Mechanic: Repair your vehicle to full health without a toolkit.
      • Mechanic: Repair your vehicle to full health without a toolkit in half the time.
      • Master Mechanic: Repair your vehicle to full health without a toolkit in the same time as having a toolkit.
    • Warnings for when you don't have a toolkit and try to repair.
  • Bank Transport Convoy Improvements:
    • Checkpoint glitches are fixed, so the convoy will be lootable for longer if you disable it.
    • New Route (Much longer with a new destination point).
  • APS Strip Searching:
    • After restraining, the strip search option can be used to drop all of the player's gear on the ground for inspection or seizure.
  • APS Gear Seizing:
    • Scroll Wheel gear on the ground and get options to seize it.
    • Options for one single pile or all gear piles within 6m.

New Starting Changes:

  • Players now start with $5000.
  • On first join, players get a free Quadbike that they can retrieve from their garage (with a message to let them know):



Minor Changes / Fixes:

  • Optimized faction Loadout code.
  • Optimized APS vehicle entering actions.
  • Civs spawn with a GPS.
  • Civs spawn with a random hat.
  • APS knockouts are now a short distance tackle that can be done while running with some ragdoll.
  • The Fed Blasting Charge timer now shows to the player who start it's gang.
  • The Mohawk's storage was bugged and showing 0, it now shows 100.
  • Regular knockouts now have some ragdoll to them.
  • Hundreds of translations for strings that had them missing.
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1 minute ago, Dealer said:

about how much money do you get per paycheck?

For the gang hideouts? 5-10k depending on the active players online.

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idea: new gang hideout here


pVEBJ4q.pngflag pole location

Edited by Genesis
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30 minutes ago, NotDevilsDad said:

When you say massive patch you normally mean you added something other than a quad bike some bug fixes and gang hideouts when the script is already done. @Dealer

I'm not sure what you mean by "when the script is already done". Except for strip searching and the integrated Altis Life changes, this was all custom.

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