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Awaiting Interview APS Application: Bear Mackandola - 16

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In-Game Name:

Bear Mackandola



Player ID (Steam x64):


Do I have a microphone?:


How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?:


I have been a member since late august. I was active for about a week or so then I quit along with most of the population. I have only recently come back (past 72 hours)


Have I played as a cop on another server?:


I was chief of police for a little while on Eddies Altis Life, other than that I have no police experience.


Why do I want to join the APS?:


I want to join APS to combine my passion for role play (Which is satisfied usually by an EMS position) and my love for being a bad-ass and getting into some fun gunfights. I also want to foster a fun environment where everyone enjoys the game.


Additional information:


I have played as Revo (easys) 😄


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After reviewing your application, I would like to welcome you to an interview. Before you attend your interview, please ensure that you have read over the standard operating procedures and ask questions when needed. We expect that everyone who attends an interview is fully understanding of the SOPs.

Interviews are normally at 9:00 PM EST each day of the week unless otherwise noted. Any changes to the schedule will be noted in the "APS Recruiting Office" in Teamspeak. When you are ready for your interview, please join the "Awaiting APS Interview" channel in Teamspeak.

If for whatever reason you cannot make the 9:00 PM EST interview time feel free to privately message me and we can set up a time that works better!

Thank you for your interest in the Altis Police Services.

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