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Other Server Controls & Keybinds

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Below you will find a list of all the server's custom controls and keybinds, as well as some basic mechanics. Please note that most of these are also available in the briefing section of the in-game map.


General Controls

Open your cellphone ( Y )

Jump ( Left Shift + Spacebar )

Lock and unlock a vehicle or house ( U ) - must have keys

Put in / take out earplugs ( Left Shift + O ) - fades ambient volume and effects

Open vehicle trunk or house item storage ( T )

Surrender / Put hands on head ( Left Shift + B )

Main interaction key ( Left Windows Key ) - used for all main interactions with objects such as vehicles, houses, ATMs and restrained players. This can be rebound in controls menu under Configure > Controls > Custom > Use Action 10.

Holster your weapon ( Left Shift + H )

Repack magazines ( Left Ctrl + R )

View perk / skills tree ( Left Ctrl + T ) - gain XP from performing actions such as processing ores, minerals or drugs, repairing vehicles, etc.

Custom GPS Navigation ( Left Ctrl + N )


Civilian Controls

Knock-out someone ( Left Shift + G ) - must be close to a player, while looking at them, and have a gun out in your hands (while initiated)

Handcuff someone ( Left Shift + R ) - you must have plastic handcuffs in your inventory (available from market at rebel bases or gang hideouts), also the person being handcuffed must have either their hands on their head or be knocked out


APS and AES Controls

Activate / deactivate vehicle siren ( F ) - works in land vehicles, helicopters and boats

Activate / deactivate emergency lights ( Left Shift + L )

Speed radar ( Ctrl + L ) - APS Only. Works whether in or out of a vehicle but must be looking at target vehicle when pressing

Restrain ( Left Shift + R ) - APS Only

Police tackle ( Left Shift + G ) - APS Only

Revive player ( Left Windows Key ) - Must be looking at incapacitated player while pressing and have defibrillator (player must have requested revive), APS can only do this when there are no AES members online

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