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Airdrops and Plastic Handcuffs - 18/12/2018

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Hey guys! The long awaited patch went live yesterday, with a quick bug-fix last night.

Here are the patch notes:


Big Changes

  • Airdrop Event Added:
    • New mission scheduler to randomize when it starts.
    • Random locations where a crate is dropped.
    • Area is a redzone for civs to fight over the loot.
    • V-Item loot of $29,000 to $50,000 in value (weapon variant to come in a later update).
  • Civilian and Rebel Restraint System (like Zipties you've seen elsewhere):
    • Left-Shift + R to restrain.
    • Requires a pair of Plastic Handcuffs.
    • Windows Key on the player to get the menu after restrained.
    • Patdown / Weapon strip allows you to drop their weapons to steal.
    • Blindfolding (requires a blindfold and it puts a black overlay on their screen).
    • Put in and pull out of vehicles.
    • Use Lockpicks to shim the cuffs open and release captured players!
    • All V-Items for it (Plastic Cuffs, Blindfolds and Lock-Picks) are at the Markets.
  • New Gun Store Added (Back of The Truck Guns) for Civs:
    • Located Between the Arms Dealer and the Federal Reserve.
    • Sells Illegal SMGs and Carbines.
    • Also sells standard ammo for larger weapons and attachments.
    • He also sells some legal vests like you would find at the gun store.
    • Sketchy Mike is too paranoid to do business with Rebels. (But rebel weapon shops have similar guns now by default to compensate).


Smaller Changes and Fixes

  • Cops can now drop Illegal V-Items around other cops to remove them.
  • Police tazing issues have been resolved.
  • The Little Bird (Pawnee) has been added as a rent only armed vehicle for Rebels and APS (with no rockets).
  • AES / APS Boat garages have been fixed.
  • Admin message button on the cellphone has been fixed.
  • ADR-97 (P90) variants are in the APS, Rebel, Illegal Civ and Arms Dealer / Hideout gun stores. (Buy the TR versions if you want to use a sight).
  • APS Highway Department has been Merged into Sheriff.
  • LMG Jeeps are available to APS Swat.
  • LMG Jeeps are Ownable and Purchasable.
  • Gold Bar weight has been halved to allow people to get out the full $300,000 worth easier.


Toast Changes

  • Added Hemtt's to rebel shop
  • Added Burrito's details to rebel air base
  • Added visible wall marker for airport wall
  • Added additional spawn locations for rebels
  • Added new car shops at both rebel stations
  • Added legible markings to fed and cocaine runway
  • Added "Oldtown" hangout area across from the Donut Shop with a general store and restaurant
  • Added 6 "rebel style" assault rifles to the base rebel shops. (All still available at arms dealer and sunken armory)
  • Heavily edited arms dealer location based on player feedback to be more condusive for gang combat
  • Ghosted highway patrol license and merged highway patrol into sheriff.
  • Added Sheriff hatchback sport
  • Added Pawnee's to the Sheriff and Rebel shops with miniguns only
  • Added several basic equipment items to swat shop at request of Swat command
  • Removed level 5 vest from all swat
  • Added Orca skin for APS command 
  • Added marked HMG jeep for swat
  • Added oil rig to the map, currently used for events.
  • Added additional ladders and waterway entry points to fed with cover
  • Added general store to rebel airbase
  • Moved Drug dealer to near the airport for shorter drives
  • Added Chop shop to the airport area for quick chops
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