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Fried Chickon

Accepted APS Application: Chickon - 16

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In-Game Name:




Player ID (Steam x64):


Do I have a microphone?:


How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?:


2 days


Have I played as a cop on another server?:


Yes I have played cop on multiple servers


Why do I want to join the APS?:


I would really enjoy roleplaying as a cop on this server


Additional information:


thanks for reviewing my application


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After reviewing your application, I would like to welcome you to an interview! Before you attend your interview, please ensure that you have read over the standard operating procedures and ask any questions you may have. We expect that everyone who attends an interview is fully understanding of the SOPs.

Interviews can take place at anytime when a command staff member is available. When you are ready for your interview, please join the "Awaiting APS Interview" channel in Teamspeak.

Thank you for your interest in the Altis Police Services.

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