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ANG Standard Operating Procedures

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Rebel Spawn areas
Rebels deserve the opportunity to purchase items without the scrutiny of the army. Barring certain exceptions, do not engage in role-play regarding illegal items or vehicles at rebel spawn areas. Do not pursue or follow an individual out of the purchasing area to engage in role-play upon exit. Information obtained from these locations is considered meta-gaming.                       
Players that do not know the server rules
If you come across a player who you believe may be unaware of a law or server rule and is compliant, consider explaining the law and ignoring the role-play aspect momentarily so they may correct their mistake. We want it to be fair for all players so do not take advantage of individuals who are new and may need our help. Use your discretion.
Rebels and civilians are not allowed to commit crimes in these areas via server rules. However, they may unknowingly or intentionally be in possession of illegal weapons or other contraband. The Army may arrest and detain individuals who meet these criteria. However, do not use your lethal weapon in green zones regardless of the circumstances. Simply use your taser against players killing in the green zone.

All radio communication is done through TeamSpeak. While in a patrol channel, ensure that the channel is kept clear of unnecessary traffic at all times. To communicate directly with another person, please use direct or vehicle chat or an alternate TeamSpeak channel. In game group chat may only be used to notify other units that support is needed. Once the other Units are notified, they must switch TeamSpeak channels for further details. The more information you provide, the fewer questions the supervisor and other units will have in response. Failure to give a minimum of information will cloud the TeamSpeak and communication will break down.
Channel priority goes to any units on scene and the radio needs to remain clear in case the units on scene need to report something or give an update.

All certifications and ranks have their own set purchase menus for items, weapons, and clothing. All items, weapons and clothing that are accessible in purchase menus can be used at anytime, anywhere.

Anyone may use any vehicle that they have access to purchase at any time, with the exception of armored and armed vehicles.
Armored and armed vehicles should not enter safe areas unless simply passing through (not stopping). Armored vehicles may be used by Special Forces at anytime they are required, and armed vehicles may be used when responding to other armed vehicles of equal strength. Basic Patrols may use armored vehicles when given permission by a Sergeant or above.
All air units must maintain a 300-meter altitude when operating in and around cities. This prevents unnecessary noise pollution in cities.
Armed air vehicles may be used by the Air Force when responding to other armed air vehicles of equal strength.

You may lay spike strips on a vehicle that is evading based on sirens alone.
You may not taser into unenclosed vehicles without initiating.
Lethal Force
You may use lethal force after initiation has occurred and when the initiated party is threatening or actively showing lethal engagement.
Any unit who uses lethal force on a person who potentially does not pose a direct threat to public safety is subject to analysis and scrutiny from supervisors and command staff. 
Non-Lethal Force
You may use non-lethal force after issuing a lawful order to comply and the ordered party shows non-compliance and does not pose a direct threat to public safety.
You must give the ordered party reasonable time to comply with your order before using non-lethal force.

You may physically detain any individuals that you have, within RP, a reason to be involved in a potential crime or individuals who are in the immediate vicinity of a potential crime, upon your arrival for investigation. You cannot add charges entirely based on another player's testimony.
When communicating with individuals who are not verbally detained for anything, keep your weapon or taser lowered and consider holstering it if applicable.
Do not point your weapon in someone's face unless you have reason to fire it.
Searching Players
You may only search a player when there is probable cause that the person has committed any non-traffic violation, or when investigating a potential crime that was reported via dispatch or by other players. Under normal circumstances, all searches should be conducted at an Army Base.
Checking ID and License
You may check a player’s identification as a part of an ongoing investigation, checkpoint, or vehicle safety inspection. You may also check a player’s identification if you witness possession or use of an item that may be illegal without a license.
Weapon Seizures
Seizing weapons is appropriate when a suspect is in possession of an illegal weapon, using any weapon to commit a crime, being sent to jail, or not in possession of a firearms license. Under normal circumstances, seizure of weapons should be completed after an investigation at a Army Base.
Reviving Players
You are only allowed to revive a player if you have made an RP mistake and there are no medics on duty. If medics are on duty, call them out to revive the player. If a player is downed during an engagement with the Altis National Guard, they may be revived by the Altis Red Cross. Once they have been revived, assessed, and released by ARC, you may take them into custody for the crimes they committed prior to being incapacitated.
Role-play and Realism
In game role-play, concepts must mimic the realism of real-life situations. Players deserve the opportunity to play out situations with a reasonable degree of realism. 
Impounding vehicles
Impoundment of vehicles is done when a vehicle is blocking a roadway, appears to be abandoned, is blocking a vehicle spawn, or if the owner is being taken back to an Army Base for committing a crime. When impounding a vehicle call out in direct chat for the registered owner to move their vehicle before impounding when applicable. Do not impound any vehicle during an active situation and do not impound a vehicle that has caught fire.
Requirements for playing as a Rebel or Civilian
You cannot go back and forth between army and rebel with the same name. The name must be different enough so that players do not recognize that it is the same person. When playing on the server as a rebel, you must adhere to the army to civ' ratio requirement of 1:5.
We also require a more accurate standard of RP from Army Members while on as civilian. You are more than welcome to kill, rob, steal, and more both against the Army and other civilians, but you cannot troll, bait, or fail RP the Army while on as a civilian. For example, You wouldn't intentionally speed past the Army to get pulled over in real life, therefore you are not allowed to do it here.
Finally, we ask that you do not overload the Army when they are already swamped with RP scenarios. If you would like to participate in a scenario that involves the Army, please wait until they are finished with their previous scenario.
Maintaining Whitelist
The following is the minimum requirement for maintaining whitelist. Failure to maintain this minimum or prolonged periods of showing up for the bare minimum will result in removal or demotion to make room for more active players.
Command Staff: Command staff must maintain the highest level of presence on the Teamspeak and in-game.
Staff Sergeants/Sergeants: Must play in game three days per week.
Corporal/Private First Class/Private: Must play in-game at least once every two weeks.
Recruits: Recruits may not play rebel until they make Private. Recruits who go more than one week off the server are de-whitelisted and will need to reapply.
Leaves of Absence
Any Army Member may request an LOA by notifying any command staff member to mark it on the roster.
Resignation, Termination, and Rehire
If you need to resign for any reason you must notify command staff for removal and de-whitelist. You are eligible to come back as a Private if it has been less than 30 days. If you are terminated, you may reapply 30 days after your termination.

Command Staff are able to override Equipment and Vehicle Standards in extreme circumstances when they deem additional force necessary.
If you are given any equipment by command staff for a situation that you are not able to purchase, you must seize that equipment and go back to patrolling with your own equipment when the situation ends or when that command staff member logs off.

All Standard Operating Procedures are as intended, not as written. Please exercise common sense when interpreting these procedures.

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