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Accepted APS Application: Chain - 18

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In-Game Name:




Player ID (Steam x64):


Do I have a microphone?:


How long have I been a member of Territory Gaming?:


I have been with Territory since it opened but did not maintain an active role in the playerbase. I was previously a member of Easy's Altis Life.


Have I played as a cop on another server?:


Yes. I have held a few roles in other servers, including:

  • Sergeant/Flight Instructor/SWAT/Senior FTO- Easy's Altis Life for over 1 year.
  • USCG Senior Chief Petty Officer/Aviation Division, US Marshal Services Field Agent, Sheriff's Department Senior Deputy and ERT Member- Arma 3 Project Life, all over the course of slightly less than one year.


Why do I want to join the APS?:


The new concept regarding the server is something that greatly interests me. I have not been able to replicate an experience similar to the militarization that was back on Easy's Altis Life since it closed, and I would like to explore a seemingly similar environment provided by Territory's new concept. I would like to also further explore and, in the future possibly, assist with the aviation/Air Force section of the ANG. Overall I think joining would be a refreshing and enjoyable experience for me.



Additional information:

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After reviewing your application, I would like to welcome you to an interview! Before you attend your interview, please ensure that you have read over the standard operating procedures and ask any questions you may have. We expect that everyone who attends an interview is fully understanding of the SOPs.

Interviews are normally at 9:00 PM EST each day of the week unless otherwise noted. Any changes to the schedule will be noted in the "ANG Recruiting Office" in Teamspeak. When you are ready for your interview, please join the "Awaiting ANG Interview" channel in Teamspeak.

If for whatever reason you cannot make the 9:00 PM EST interview time feel free to privately message me or any command staff member and we can set up a time that works better!

Thank you for your interest in the Altis National Guard.

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Congratulations! You have completed the interview process and have been accepted to ANG.

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