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New Support Team Application: Sharkbait / Sharkbait

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In-Game Names:






What Makes You Want to Join the Support Team?:


I want to join the Support Team because I want to help the community in the best way that I can.

I remember when I was new to Arma and Altis Life and there were a lot of new things to get used to with such a complex game style and the seemingly endless possibilities that come with the Altis Life mod and roleplay. The most helpful thing for me when I was stuck or needed help was talking to the staff of the server that I was playing on and they would always come up with the best solution. 2,800 hours later, I want to help the people that play on the server with anything that they may need, as well as assisting with server rule enforcement, consequences for breaking rules and general day-to-day tasks.


Do You Have Staff Experience From Other Communities?:


During my time with Easy's Altis Life (or C8 Gaming) I was a CA for around 8 months. During this time I helped players with their problems in the help rooms, assisted with reports and appeals on the forums and acting as an ambassador or representative of the server staff for the community. When a player had a problem, a CA was usually the first point of contact and I always ensured that I was helpful, friendly and professional when dealing with queries, complaints or situations that a player may have had.


How Well Do You Handle Stress?:


I feel that I am good with handling stress in even the most major situations. During my time with Easy's Altis Life, I also served as a member of APD Command and this involved dealing with internal affairs, large scale in-game situations and sometimes making major changes to the force. This role carried a lot of responsibility and so it was essential that I remained calm and stress-free all of the time. I feel that I handled stress well during these times.


What is Your Availability During a Normal Week?:


I live in the UK and so am usually available during afternoon and evening hours here.


Why Should We Pick You?:


If I were to be accepted to the Support Team, I would be friendly and helpful to everyone that I come into contact with, whether that be in-game, in the help rooms or on the forums. Additionally, I feel that I should be picked because I have experience in staff positions and in other leadership roles such as APD Command.


Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed?:

Yes, and I use Push-To-Talk

Do You Use Discord?:

Yes and I have it installed currently

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